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This famous bag, directly inspired by schoolbags of the 50s, is fascinating thanks to its contrasts that make it a manifest melting pot. It includes flaps, pockets, and pleats, all of which are attractive through their restrained quality. The addition of buckles, perforations, and rivets offers a number of small details that make the line even more pure. A mix of complexity and simplicity, the PS1 is a veritable mirror of the ambivalent aesthetic of Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the two young fathers of the brand. These two designers from the Parsons School in New York oscillate between two different artistic languages: the timeless Parisian elegance incarnated by Coco Chanel and the don’t-care anti-conformism personified by Kurt Cobain.

Born from this ingenious and subtle antithesis, the PS1 strongly sacralizes this union between classic refinement and disconcerting rocker. It is the desire of every woman, available according to any need, want, or preference. It is released in different sizes, from tiny wallets to travel bags and every tote bag in between. A rich palette of colors, shades, and materials are also available, offering options from sunflower to classic beige and blue suede. It is worth noting that certain significative elements of the brand like snakeskin, the brass nail, and a special patinated finish are all present. They are all telltale signs of this en vogue brand.

Acclaimed by Anna Wintour, appreciated by Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, and financed in large part by the Valentino Fashion Group from 2007 onwards, the designers are still surprised today by the success of their brand and especially of the PS1. “It was supposed to be the anti-it bag. (…) We wanted it to be really anonymous.” You could say that the success of something meant to be unsuccessful is a double success in and of itself. With this logic, the timeless PS1 would be much more than just an it bag.

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