Dior’s Imminent Launch of Air Jordan 1 OG

Presented during the Pre-Fall 2020 fashion show by Dior, the most anticipated speakers of the season are about to be marketed. Following the principle of the lottery.

Air Jordan 1 OG Dior

Imagined by Kim Jones, current artistic director of Dior Homme, the Air Jordan 1 OG Dior distils everything from the new aesthetic of the house of Monsieur. Combining streetwear and couture know-how, the Air Jordan 1 OG Dior is a collection of the most desired signs of the era.

It must be said that when it was released in the 80s, the Air Jordan has largely reshuffled the cards of cool and style. Inspired by the natural and stunning game of Michael Jordan .

In a shade combining ecru white with iconic Montaigne gray from the house of Christian Dior, the Air Jordan 1 OG Dior also and above all adopted the oblique canvas of the house on the iconic  Nike Swoosh . Obviously stamped with the Wings, Air Jordan logo!

“These two brands are emblematic of absolute excellence, each in their own field. Bringing them together means offering something exciting and truly new, ”says Kim Jones.

Thus doubly adorned with the frankly cool aura of Air Jordan, and the sublime of Dior couture, these sneakers naturally panic passions since their first introduction during the event parade held in Miami in 2019.

To acquire them, the house of Dior relied on an innovative process – the establishment of an exclusive site where it is necessary to register beforehand to hope to access the sale. A sort of lottery to join here . 

Pending the announcement of Dior which will take place, it on July 1, the capsule collection will arrive in stores on July 1. A collection staged in all its beauty by photographer Brett Llyod!

The History of Air Jordan

The history of a sneaker that revolutionized the world and fashion – from the first collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike, to the new Air Jordan 1 OG Dior.

Nike And Michael Jordan

When Nike signed the sponsorship contract that bonded the very young Michael Jordan to the equipment supplier, he is far from suspecting the aesthetic revolution that will ensue.

The Sponsorship Agreement Between Nike And Michael Jordan

1980s. Nike spotted young Michael Jordan, who distinguished himself by his excellent performance in university competitions. Early and prodigy, Michael Jordan also interested other equipment manufacturers, like Adidas, direct competitor of Nike.

Under the colors of his university in North Carolina, Michael Jordan vibrates the parquet floor and, the young man knew it: he will soon make his debut in the NBA. After a final university season, Michael Jordan is about to sign with Adidas to enter the arena.

But now, Nike is also on the spot. In 1984, after a number of discussions, which are said to be epic, with Michael Jordan’s agent, David Falk, Nike managed to convince the young hope.

His agent ended up with an unprecedented contract for the time. With the same advantages as those granted to tennis players, Nike had just signed Michael Jordan for 2.5 million dollars over 5 years, the creation of its own clothing line, and the payment of royalties for each item sold.

Michael Jordan, the new 23 of the Chicago Bulls, then entered the NBA arena, with an unprecedented sponsorship contract with Nike. “His airness” as we call it, would quickly mark the history of the NBA. And that of fashion.

Air Jordan, Wings And Jumpman Logos

So when Peter Moore designed the Air Jordan 1, he signed the basketball along with a logo that would become iconic – The Wings logo.

Peter Moor told the story of the Wings logo: “Nike vice president Rob Robasser and I just returned from a meeting with Michael Jordan’s agent David Falk. We decided that we were going to create a brand with the kid. We also decided, at the suggestion of David Falk, to call it Air Jordan.

On the return flight, I started to think about what its logo would be. I walk on the plane and I see this little child and he has this set of captain’s wings on his shirt. They are made of plastic. The stewardess had just given them to her. So I said, “Can I have a pair of wings” started drawing the wings. I put a basketball in the middle. It was all done on a napkin while Rob and I went home. It became the logo. ”

But in 1988, from the Air Jordan III series, the Wings were replaced by the legendary Jumpman. Deemed impersonal, the Wings are replaced by the silhouette representing Michael Jordan in full jump.

In fact, the Jumpman was inspired by a photoshoot made for Life magazine a few years before, for the 1984 Olympic Games. Michael Jordan had not yet signed with Nike and, on his feet, he wore New Balance.

The staging of this image is magnificent. Michael Jordan performed a ballet jump known as the big throw – pretending to do a dunk Jordan-style!

If Tinker Hatfield was responsible for this logo, Peter Moore already had it in mind. Peter Moore already wanted to take back this silhouette but Nike was not comfortable, wishing to avoid a possible violation of copyright.

Moreover, in 2015, the author of the photo, Jacobus Willem Rentmeester, filed a complaint against Nike for having, he says, copy this photo then published in Life Magazine. But the story will go no further.

The Jumpman has become a legend!

The Air Jordan, Iconic Sneakers

Air Jordan 1

Peter Moore is also responsible for the design of the very first Air Jordan. The Air Jordan 1. It comes in a rising line, helped by a flexible leather upper. Presented in three colors, white on white, white and red and red and black, it is this third shade that will go down in history.

When Michael Jordan entered the Air Jordan 1 field for the first time in March 1985, the NBA was everything but delighted.
It must be said that there are aesthetic rules in the NBA, including the use of 51% white sneakers (”The 51 percent rule”). However, those of Michael Jordan are black and red, black and red.

If they earn their nickname ‘Bred’, contraction of ”black” and ”red”, it is only to Nike marketing that they owe it. Until the 2000s and the withdrawal of this rule, Nike refused to pay the fine of 5000 dollars imposed on Michael Jordan, for each match played with these Air Jordan 1 Bred.

At the same time, Nike made this ban the narrative of an advertising spot. The Air Jordan 1 is banned, but only on NBA grounds, says the advertising campaign. On the sidewalks of cities around the world, the Air Jordan 1 arrives as the sign of recognition of a new generation.

Wrapped in a little taste of forbidden, the Air Jordan 1s finish entering the legend with a Michael Jordan at the height of his art! In 1986, in the second game of the Playoffs’ first round against the Boston Celtics, Michael Jordan scored 63 points.

A prodigy that even makes Larry Bird, yet himself basketball champion, say: “I think it was God disguised as Michael Jordan.”

The Air Jordan 1 thrilled the crowds, but it is the so-called Chicago declination – identical to that worn by Michael Jordan on this day of 1986 – which became even more iconic!

Air Jordan, The Most Iconic Basket In The World

Since 1986, Air Jordan has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. Cultural, sporting and aesthetic phenomenon, this basketball is undoubtedly the most iconic in the world.

And if the Air Jordan follow each other, none is the same.

The Air Jordan III is the first to present a new logo – and a new design! Because it is with the Air Jordan III that the Jumpman supplants the Wings logo. On the design side, the sneaker, now imagined by Tinker Hatfield, has a slit revealing the air cushion inserted at the heel to improve cushioning.

An aesthetic incursion reminiscent of that of the Air Max – rightly so! Because Tinker Hatfield is none other than the designer behind the Air Max, and its visible air cushion. Inspired by the architecture of the Center Pompidou aimed at showing what should not be, Tinker Hatfield set the standards for a new approach for the Air Jordan.

Better, the history of Air Jordan III which convinced Jordan to renew the sponsorship contract that he had with Nike. Michael Jordan, thrilled by the look of the Air Jordan III, came back on his desire to leave the equipment supplier.

Thus, with each of the drops, the Air Jordan frightens the Jumpman aficionados. Cool, detached but completely in tune with the times, the Air Jordan sets new heights for each model.

Latest, the wildly inspired collaboration between Kim Jones, artistic director of Dior Homme, and Air Jordan.

“Christian Dior himself collaborated with the best American brands of his time. I love mixing different worlds, different ideas – Dior and Jordan are two emblems of absolute excellence in their fields. Bringing them together with this special collaboration is to offer something exciting and truly new, ”says Kim Jones.

The Air Jordan 1 OG Dior has everything to exalt! 

The Fratelli Rossetti Moccasins of Spring/Summer 2020

The Italian house Fratelli Rossetti showcased its iconic craftsmanship in Brera moccasins that have become the essential in the uniform of elegant people!

Brera Moccasins by Fratelli Rossetti from Spring/Summer 2020

Sought after for their Made In Italy quality, the Fratelli Rossetti moccasins have earned the reputation of shoes of excellence. So, for Spring/Summer 2020, the company is working its icons around the craft of which it has made itself queen – the technique of leather weaving.

Ideal for the season, the Fratelli Rossetti moccasin is woven in leather around a line inspired by the world of design. The Vienna Straw Effect, also known as Vienna Straw weaving, distills a discreet elegance around a delicate and alluring shoe.

An exquisite Brera moccasin because it is handcrafted and light – essential for the uniform of elegant Spring/Summer 2020! Therefore, it is great for both men and women!

Off The Grid By Gucci, Circular Fashion

Gucci is committed to circular fashion with its Gucci Circular Lines collection – an inspired and committed initiative, staged by Harmony Korine with Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X, King Princess, Miyavi and David de Rothschild!

Off The Grid, The First Gucci Circular Lines Collection

Alessandro Michele captured like few designers the needs of his time. And this time, it was towards circular production and inspired but responsible fashion that he turned all his creativity to the Gucci house.

Off The Grid, The Collection

Alessandro Michele  looked at the first Gucci collection produced in circular production – and the result places the house in echo with the times. Aimed at those who wear what they think is right, the Off Grid Gucci collection is exclusively made from recycled, organic, natural and sustainable materials – in particular ECONYL®.

This nylon, regenerated from destructive plastic waste, transforms and becomes material for luggage, accessories, shoes and ready-to-wear. These plastics harmful to marine life and likely to end up in landfills thus transmute to become genderless icons of the Gucci style .

Highly stylized and always so refined, the pieces of the Off Grid collection once again demonstrate the potential of up-cycling.

“The collection is the result of teamwork; everyone brought something to it. And in the campaign too, there is this idea of ​​dialogue between people to build something new. I imagined that we could build a treehouse in a city center, all together, like children playing in the park. Because we all need to build this house or to discover that our planet exists, even where it seems not to be there, or it is far away ”explains Alessandro Michele.

Off The Grid In Campaign With Jane Fonda

And to embody these values, Gucci relied on the presence of Jane Fonda, Lil Nas X, King Princess, Miyavi and David de Rothschild!

In front of the camera of photographer and director Harmony Korine, these activists, artists, actors or actresses camp a group of city dwellers who have made a rustic cabin, built in a tree in the middle of a gigantic modern metropolis of concrete and glass, their safe haven.

A refuge from destructive conformism, the cabin, a small wooden structure, contrasts sharply with the smooth, vertical skyscrapers that overshadow it. Fantastic images where its vegetation and poorly assembled boards echo the craftsmanship of Gucci. High facing the concrete.

The experience of the sublime thus comes from the respect for the knowledge that Alessandro Michele for Gucci intends to lead towards new possibilities.

A campaign in harmony with the Off Grid collection – an ode to ingenuity and the ability of Gucci fashion to generate happiness and curiosity. Without hurting the planet.

Tod’s Gommino

Flexibility and relaxation in the world of high-end shoes – The Gommino is a moccasin discovered during a trip to the United States by Diego Della Valle, inspired by a shoe initially useful for race car driving.

Diego Della Valle, The United States And The Driving Shoes

A Family Affair

Above all, Tod’s is a family affair. And before the house adopted this name in 1978, it was the grandfather and then the father of Diego Della Valle, Dorino, who transformed the small shop into a factory.

Diego Della Valle interrupted his law studies in Bologna, and then in his twenties, asked his father to join the family business. His father accepted. And he, who already made shoes for prestigious houses, sent his son to New York in search for new buyers.

In 1975, Diego Della Valle started making regular trips to New York. It was during one of these trips that he had the idea of ​​the mythical Gommino moccasin

The Rally Meeting

Diego Della Valle was 24 when he attended this life-changing car rally. In the United States, he pinpointed the shoes worn by these racing drivers. Shoes with a sole studded with rubber nodules. This effect has a very specific function – to prevent the feet from slipping on the pedals.

For now, for Diego Della Valle, this would be the basis of a moccasin. His idea? Make this very special driving shoe – a Portuguese-made shoe and driving shoe with a rubber sole.

Convinced that having the heart of his company there, he wanted to make it a chic shoe without fuss. Extremely flexible, giving the sole an unprecedented lightness, the specific technique and assembly that form the shoe by a set of folds are inherited from his father’s shoe workshop.

Sewn with best leathers, benefiting from the artisanal know-how of the Italian shoe bastion – perfected and patented, Tod’s know-how becomes synonymous with a technical shoe, and a distinguished classic.

But if it is clearly a high-quality piece, the moccasin with 133 rubber studs does not receive the visibility that Diego Della Valle dreamed of. 

The Tod’s Gommino became an Icon

Exemplary Marketing

Diego Della Valle then had the idea of ​​sending the icons of his time, a pair of Tod’s moccasins. The first to receive it was the CEO of Fiat, Giovanni Agnelli.

Diego Della Valle offered him a pair of Gomminos. A few days later, he wore Tod’s and gave an interview to an Italian television program. Immediately, the house takes off.

From then on, wearing a Tod’s moccasin amounted to taking a share of Italian elegance, a bit of the phlegm of a dandy man like Giovanni Agnelli. A shoe that inspires Dolce Vita – A shoe that tells the story of the family, the osteria and the sun of Italy.

And since, elegance is timelessness, and elegance sounds like comfort – the Gommino ultimately becomes the standard in this area.

Born from the American dream of Diego Della Valle, his powerful aesthetic in the elegance of sportswear, the mocassin gained a chic aura when Diego offered his cult shoe to other icons; Cary Grant, Steve McQueen or Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana!

Tod’s spirit was born.

Tod’s Gommino 

The Gominno preserves the heritage and the craftsmanship that has become quite rare. At the origin of this driving shoe, was already a moccasin imagined by the Amerindians. In coarsely sewn skin, it wrapped the foot like a mitten.

Centuries later, when Diego Della Valle took it over, Tod’s Gommino continued to be cut in one piece. Without any seams, the leather that makes up the stem, extends into the sole. Only the tray on the instep is an added piece.

This assembly requires hand tricks more relevant to the know-how of the glove than that of the shoe. Diego Della Valle himself often says that the Gommino is: “a pair of gloves for the feet. “

Timeless and minimalist, at the time it was considered an accessory for a weekend in the Hamptons or Saint Tropez. From 1996, throughout the old patterns, Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and Steve McQueen, the Gommino became a full-fledged piece of elegant uniform.

Today, there are nearly 2.5 million pairs of Gommino’s on the feet of customers from around the world. Limited series and special orders are helping to renew and enhance the brand to rediscover other aspects of this perfect classic. Each new season is the occasion for new variations of leather, colors, finishes.

For example: 2020, a Gommino perched on top of a heel.

Tod’s 133 Studs: The Iconic Code

The 133 studded soles make up the signature look of Tod’s house. A company who prefers their logo to use its pins as an exclusive code.

Tod’s Logo and the 133 Nodules

As a company rooted in luxury and Italian know-how, Tod’s rarely distinguishes its creations by just placing its logo. It is in the exquisite details and the nodules that we can identify Tod’s pieces.

Tod’s Logo

It is often in logos that companies distill most of their vision. With Tod’s, Diego Della Valle did more than affix a name. He actually transformed the small family factory into a global group ensuring the sustainability of the craft industry. Italian first, French second.

In fact, we owe him the revival of the house of Schiaparelli and that of Roger Vivier. And that may be what you can read in the Tod’s logo.

The name Tod’s was chosen because it is easy to pronounce in all languages. An international sounding name therefore, placed in the center of an oval where two roaring lions’ heads border.

If we extrapolate a little, we can easily understand that Tod’s is placed between these lions, mythical symbolization of the guards – making Tod’s itself a house guardian of the ancestral knowledge of Italy.

The emblematic CEO of Tod’s gladly specifies his connection with his homeland. An Italian land of the Marche region, from where his grandfather and then his father orchestrated the foundations making possible the emergence of Tod’s group.

“I was born in the village, my family still lives there. It is a very peaceful, very simple place. I love to walk there, drink a cappuccino on the terrace with my childhood friends. This is all of Italy for me, and I try to transcribe it in my work. We are lucky because we know how to make quality things, with beautiful materials and unparalleled know-how. It is important for me to continue to promote Italy throughout the world. “

And the most convincing example remains the iconic Gommino . An ordinary driving shoe founded by Diego Della Valle which was transformed into a luxury shoe by the know-how of Tod’s.

The 133 Studs: From Gommino To Tod’s Signature

Because Tod’s clearly makes luxurious pieces, the house wants discretion – rarely signing its pieces with its logo. Like the icon of Tod’s, the moccasin.

A driving shoe founded by Diego Della Valle during a car rally in the United State, Diego Della Valle went to carve it out of the exquisite leather of his company in 1978 – at the same time as he punctures it with 133 studs. The discreet signature of the house.

He stated: “While at the time, in Italy, we were always on top of things, I wanted to create a casual product  to wear during the week with a suit, on weekends with jeans: that was Tod’s big idea. With a major innovation: to give elegance to a rubber sole.”

As a matter of fact, the rubber was then perceived as “frankly cheap” said Diego Della Valle. A material which however finds thanks to its aesthetic to the eyes.. Because, he is convinced, these studded soles are guaranteed absolute comfort.

Because on these 133 studs, the more or less round or oval shapes follow one another for optimal grip.

Then, after an enlightened and avant-garde marketing for its time, the moccasin with 133 pins rose to the rank of icon. A symbol of casual luxury from the House of Tod’s, which was found at the feet of Gianni Agnelli, the boss of Fiat, the Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and even Princess Diana.

A style that transcends trends and tastes – the Gommino owes to the know-how of Tod’s workshops to have made its studs a luxurious and very elegant element!

A discreet signature, known to everyone, which is also ideal for capsule collections. The most recent, with the very playful Alber Elbaz.

A Gommino effect which signifies more innovative pieces – in 2020 Tod’s will be launching new yachting shoes, called Competition.

Work done by hand, where the machine harmoniously complements the work of Tod’s craftsmen – this is what the 133 studs and Tod’s logo demonstrate. A house that places itself as the guardian of craftsmanship.

The Latest Tod “Competition” Shoes

For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Tod’s has imagined new nautical shoes. Called “Competition”, they used the iconic nodule soles.

The New Yatching Shoes By Tod’s

We know Tod’s particular attraction to beautiful materials, italian craftsmanship, and casual style. Here for Spring/Summer 2020, the house of Diego Della Valle is honoring its DNA, in addition to its passion for water sports.

This, taking inspiration from the shoes originally designed in 1995 for the team of the Moro di Venezia, the Italian sailboat that participated in the America’s Cup, Tod’s imagined the newest yachting shoes! 

Lightness, style and flexibility come together around the new Competition style – functional and timeless shoes drenched in pure Tod’s style. They rely on their practicability on Gommino nodule soles. While their all Italian elegance is felt in a silky nubuck, with tech fabrics and smooth leather inserts!

Enough to advocate the moments of freedom and relaxation worth of the Dolce Vita – the moments advocated by the Tod’s emblem is the Gommino moccasin.

And Tod’s imagined these new nautical shoes with the same enthusiasm for Italian know-how!

The Hogan Sneakers, The Pioneers Shine For Christmas

 The iconic Hogans trade their habitual discreteness for a much more dashing look.

We all know the Iconic H of the Hogan house for being the first luxury sneakers imagined for life in the city. In 1986, the Tod’s group innovated around a pair of sneakers that were at once understated and exceptional – a genius melange between Italian refinement and the indispensable practicality of urban life. 

Since a few seasons already, the Hogan sneaker has been able to adapt to the style and audacity of the times. Inspired by the world of cricket, the icon titillates between genres going from glitters, to galaxies and to the more funky while always keeping its eight metallic eyelets and its contrasting sole.

For the end of this year, we have then the dashing and shimmering Hogan – a perfect echo to the marvellous aesthetic of Christmastime. In store? Two pairs for women baptised Maxi.I.Active and two for men.. the first being called Active One – in black and gold. The second taking the popular H365 but this time revisited in black with a gold heel. A glamorous and festive vision of the functional … to grace the most chic of soles this year!

Prada And Adidas – A Meeting Of Icons

When Prada and Adidas collaborate around an exclusive capsule collection, it is to better revisit two of their icons. 

The Bowling bag from Prada. The Superstar from Adidas. The capsule collection of two of the most innovative houses from the past decade promises to please a number of aficionados. It must be said that the concept has a lot to offer – not two separate pieces but truly two pieces that are imagined and sold together.

The Prada Bowling bag and the Adidas Superstore cannot be bought separately, the pack constitutes a limited and numbered edition of only 700 pieces. Here, the Prada name engraves itself on the legendary Superstar from Adidas while the iconic Bowling bag of the 2000s is declined in a broken white – the iconic shade of the Superstar!

All that’s left to do is wait until December 4th to try to acquire the result of a much awaited collaboration. When the most avant-garde house of elegance meets with the brand that was able to inject youth into the daily silhouette – it creates something truly desirable!

Tod’s, The Imperturbable Gommino

An icon of fashion is judged by its ability to adapt itself to the times and the Tod’s Gommino is one of those!

Last October, the Italian house Tod’s presented the nomination of its new artistic director – Walter Chiapponni! Diego Della Valle, president of the Tod’s group announced “Walter Chiapponi is a talented Italian designer  who is capable of combining the Italian art de vivre true to Tod’s with a touch of modernity without losing from sight quality and savoir-faire which are representative of the brand’s DNA”. The piece that incarnated the quiet strength of fashion in the Italian style is of course – the Gommino. 

The key piece of the house, according to the very words of Diego Della Valle, wears like “a glove for the foot”. Inspired by the anti-slip slippers, especially appreciated by race-car drivers, the Gommino has since conquered the world with its 133 rubber pebbles. Symbol of Italian elegance, the Tod’s Gommino is also a fruit of savoir-faire. Exclusively produced in the ateliers of Brancadoro some kilometres away from Milan, it is conceived from one single and same piece of leather. Hand-sown and doubled with the famous rubber soul made up of 133 iconic pebbles, The Gommino lends itself to all creative visions. 

From Alessandra Facchinetti to Alber Elbaz and then passing again to new creative director Walter Chiapponi, the Gommino adorns itself in the most beautiful of materials, distilling to perfection the imperturbable refinement proper to Italians. The Gommino has been at once playful in bright acidic colours, serene and noble in more sophisticated leathers and a collector’s piece in a version collaborated with Ferrari. Since 1978, the signature piece of the artisanal heritage of Tod’s is an elegant ideal – chic and creative! For men and women. Re-explored and reviewed in a chunky version for 2020, it will embrace a bestiary aspect (leopard, zebra) for the woman of Spring/Summer 2020. While waiting until then, the new Milanese boutique recently inaugurated on the famous Via Montenapoleone offers a new shopping experience. Baptised Tod’s Studios, it brings together the pieces of the season but also a personalisation atelier and exhibitions. A way to better understand the impact of the Gommino on Italian culture!