Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes : Insolent object

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Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes : Insolent object

Crazy curves, simple lines and graceful arching – the Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps embody an iconic fashion object. A patent leather product sublimated by Christian Louboutin’s vision; a concentration of the house’s codes.

The history of Christian Louboutin pigalle pumps : Black patent leather

Fall/Winter 2004 If the Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes first appeared in the Louboutin boutique nestled in the Vero Dodat passage, in Paris, their history is to be traced in Christian Louboutin’s memories. A shape, an arch borrowed from museum signage. In the 1970s, the young Christian Louboutin had a vision that inspired the most important patent leather shoes for women of the time.

Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes paris

In 1975, Christian Louboutin, a child, was a regular visitor to the Mus√©e des Arts Africains et Oc√©aniens de la Porte Dor√©e. There, he saw a sign prohibiting high-heeled shoes. “My first shoe, I saw it here. That’s when I discovered that everything starts with the line. I really understood it through this drawing,” says Christian Louboutin.

Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes paris

This is the first trace of the object of desire that the Pigalle product was to become. The second inspiration is linked to the dancers of the mythical Parisian cabarets, located in Pigalle. And Christian Louboutin has never hidden his fascination for cabarets and the aplomb and power of their dancers. Les Folies Bergères. Le Moulin Rouge. Le Crazy Horse. So many collaborations to come.

And it was with this triumphant attitude in mind that Christian Louboutin designed the Pigalle pumps in 2004.

Pigalle Christian Louboutin : Ultra-Glamour Shoes

ChristianLouboutin’s signature black patent leather shoes have become a cult item in women’s wardrobes – the Christian Louboutin Pigalle pumps give an incomparable posture and arch. Or perhaps to that of the only divas. Or perhaps to that of the divas alone.

Cambered and planted on a 12 cm heel, the product that is the Pigalle pumpsgives the woman a soaring, graceful gait. Christian Louboutin likes to work with high heels, putting women on a pedestal. Magic shoes that give everything, this is the idea that we immediately have of the Pigalle.

The sharp neckline, pointed toe, endless heel, black patent leather and iconic red solemake these the ultimate pumps.

Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes paris

Ultra-glamorous, ultra-pop, ultra-recognizable. The Pigalle is a milestone in the history of fashion. “It has a real life span, it is not a seasonal shoe; it can be worn in winter, in summer; it is made of skin, it is made of leather; it is shiny, it is matte…” says Christian Louboutin.

It takes a week to make this product in its exquisite leather… And soon, the black patent leather version of the Pigalle will give way to all the Louboutin fantasies.

Pigalle Christian Louboutin shoes paris

Between facetious details, feathers, exotic leathers and nearly 30 different colours — the Pigalle Christian Louboutin pumps display a cheeky femininity, because fiercely independent!

A plural femininity, detached from the qualifiers which, as Christian Louboutin is amused to note…

“A sexy woman will try on a shoe like the Pigalle and think that with it she will add something a little chic to her appearance,” he explains, “Another woman, this time very chic, will try on the same shoe and think that with it she will add something sexy to her appearance.” Sensuality, a promise kept, with these pumps on our feet. Shoes made for the thousands of ways to be a woman… Crowned on the feet of Dita Van Teese, the unofficial muse of Louboutin, and Kate Moss!

Available in all sizes, and in delivery, Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle pumps are revealed here. At a price of ‚ā¨595