Rouge Coco Flash: New Shades in View

Chanel lipsticks unfolds its full depth collection with around 12 new shades. A pop as well as sensual!

Chanel Lipstick: Le Rouge Coco Flash

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” The words of Mademoiselle, apostle of an elegance that has revolutionized fashion and femininity, ring true!

Especially when you notice the passion and allure that sign Chanel lipsticks. The new Rouge Coco Flash, released in 2019, is extremely powerful.

Light and soft, melting on the lips, it leaves in its wake a strong and precise color wash. Its consistency is obtained from a mixture of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower oils – the result? Rouge Coco Flash is extremely hydrating. What is even better is, the pigments, reflecting the light, distill the perfect balance between color and shine.

This time, the Rouge Coco Flash color chart was completed with 12 shades. Pop of colors and daring!

Embodied by Lily-Rose Depp, the Chanel attitude is deployed around sweet or striking shades.

Coiled in the iconic glass tube, the Rouge Coco Flash signs the radiance of a smile, in a simple and precise gesture.

Mood’s deep aubergine tint…the bright red-orange of the Lively tint. Easy, the sweet pink or Freeze the pearl pink. Fuchsias, plums or chocolates — the colors fuse and don’t look alike. The simplest is to choose, depending on mood and desire. The Chanel way!

L’Or De Vie: The Spectacular Serum And Cure From Dior

Dior “a magical name that carries both Dieu (God) and or (gold)” Jean Cocteau would say. The beauty regimen l’Or de Vie carries all of this. 

L’Or de Vie is unequivocally the chef d’oeuvre of Dior skincare; edited every year in a very limited edition. First there is the Cure l’Or de Vie, miraculous skincare that is twice more concentrated than previous editions. It reactivated the skin’s youth to leave only glow and brightness. Then, there is there Sérum l’Or de Vie –  a unique formula, entirely composed of Yquem extracts. 

Yes, the legendary vineyard, burgeon of luxury à la Francaise; the Chateau d’Yquem now serves feminine beauty. Dior science has been studying its cosmetic potential for already 30 years. In 2019, the natural treasure niched in the Dior gardens revealed its incredible antioxidant capacities. Enriched in extra nourishing care de vigne, l’Or de Vie delivers exceptional power. The skin is nourished and revived just as every season life rebirths at the heart of the Yquem vineyard. L’Or de Vie, in cream or in serum, borrows this prodigy from the most iconic vintage of the world. 

Irrigating the skin in order to diffuse the quintessence of the Yquem vine sap: it magnifies the effects of time in order to counteract its plans! Wrinkles are intensely smoothed, the face is restructured in depth.. The skin finds full and tonic volume! Skin radiates with a divine glow in a perfect velvet finish. It must be said that the Yquem vintage, often dating many centuries, proved by their inimitable aroma an incredible longevity. 

Chanel’s Collection Libre “Numéros Rouges”


Newly at the head of creation for Chanel’s makeup division, Lucia Pica is unveiling a collection that’s an homage to the Mademoiselle’s original look. “Everything is but a story of icons,” declares Lucia Pica. Coco, who never went out without her lipstick, is the inspiration for a composition made of paradoxes, classicism, and harmony. Imagined with soft contradictions, the Numéros Rouges collection by Lucia Pica plays with intensity and lightness, audacity and simplicity, glamour and absolute elegance. Numéros Rouges is makeup for the eyes, the cheeks, and a nail polish that brings the legendary Chanel red a renewed character and tonicity.

“Red on the lips is such a classic and timeless look… I like to give it modernity by pairing it with young and surprising makeup, like the Celebrity nail polish, an intense black, or Fiction, a dark emerald,” specifies Lucia Pica. It’s true that with the inclusion of these shades that are so seldom paired with red, Chanel’s makeup becomes even more relevant. With an expert eye for shades and a mastery of impeccable bursts of color, Lucia Pica forged a number of practical contradictions here. The Celebrity nail polish for example dresses the nails up in an intense black, while Fiction adorns them in a dark emerald. Scenario adds a touch of bright coral. These compositions look like they’re straight out of a Wes Anderson film.

Chanel’s lipstick is reinvented with four new editions – two classic Rouge Allures, and two Rouge Allure Velvets with a matte texture. Numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively, these lipsticks are a return to Chanel’s classic origins: an ultra-glamorous red that respects the desire for a sober elegance. Lucia Pica seems to have created the ideal lipstick for every woman: “The contrast between the four colors isn’t spectacular. It’s the undertone that makes all the difference.” This is indeed a mini revolution. By offering unique undertones in the latest Collection Libre, the iconic lipstick dresses each woman up exactly how she desires. This is an essential, or rather, a “lipstick for life”. But get it while you can: the Collection Libre “Numéro Rouges” is available for a limited time only, exclusively in Chanel stores and on the brand’s website.

Touche Eclat, Yves Saint Laurent’s Complexion Illuminator


In 1992, inside Yves Saint Laurent’s cosmetic laboratories, Terry de Gunzburg, then creative director for the brand, was working on a never-before-seen formula, capable of diffusing light on the face and blurring its imperfections. While most products on the market were contained in heavy and cumbersome packaging, Touche Eclat hit the shelves more sophisticated than ever, enclosed in a compact size gold applicator. In no time at all, Touche Eclat would achieve the ranks of a cult classic. Any woman could identify with the ad campaign, depicting an active and urban Parisian touching up her makeup in the rearview mirror.

Its success is so great that one Touche Eclat is sold in the world every 10 seconds. Its brush tip, practical and precise, allows you to follow the volumes of the face and correct the imperfections of a working woman; attractive to any generation and especially any skin tone. This revolutionary product combines the ease of a pencil with a quick makeup refresher. Now it’s easier than ever to give yourself a touch up and a flicker of light all in one click. A hydrating fluid emulsion instantly reveals the skin’s natural glow, perfects the relief of the skin, models the traits, and erases signs of fatigue and shadowy areas: below the eyes, underneath the chin, around the lips, and on the sides of the nose. Touche Eclat lights up the complexion and awakens a burst of freshness and light.

Quite simply essential, often imitated, never recreated, Touche Eclat is THE favorite of stars, top models, and makeup artists the world over. It’s became a beauty icon par excellence, so much so that Yves Saint Laurent’s new challenge is to to turn its mythic illuminating brush into a foundation.

Lipstick, An Invention From Guerlain


The first traces of lipstick appeared in ancient Egypt, in the days of the pharaohs. To make her lips more pronounced, Cleopatra used henna and crushed carmen. Starting in the 9th century, geishas of Japan would redraw their lips in a bright red with the natural pigment of a plant (beni-bana). In the 16th century, mouths were tinted with a mixture made from powdered insects like cochineal. During these centuries, liquid or cream lip blush was distributed in flasks or jars and was applied with the fingers or with a small brush.

Guerlain, founded in 1828 by Pierre François Pascal Guerlain, opened his first boutique on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. This perfumer created unique perfumes for the greats of his day. In that same period, he brought back the “Liquid Bloom of Rose” from England, a liquid lipstick. In 1840, Guerlain’s reputation was already set in stone. The perfumer moved to Rue de la Paix. The brand began offering a complete line of scents, and was the provider to practically every court of Europe. In 1870, revolution broke out! Guerlain created their first lipstick, an original invention consisting of a stick housed in its own tube. The idea came to Pierre François Pascal from a cousin of his that made candles. The gracious object was made using scented pink candle wax. Presented in a rechargeable case with a retracting mechanism, “Ne m’oubliez pas” became the first modern lipstick in history.

Conscious of their success and certain of the future triumph of this new discovery, the company released a new model entitled “Rouge d’Enfer” in 1920 that could be opened and closed by pulling on a pompon. Then they conceived “Rouge Automatique in 1936, a true game-changer that took the form of an unsheathed stick. Today, the brand continues to highlight its innovative heritage, its mission to unite legacy with modernity by bringing back “Rouge Automatique” in an impressive array of contemporary shades.

A Colorful Dior Exhibit in Arles


Dior is celebrating its 70 years and, in addition to a double exhibit taking place at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the label is also honoring another section of its creative universe: makeup and color. Today with the exceptional talent of Peter Philips at the helm, there’s not a single runway from the brand at 33 Avenue Montaigne that doesn’t regale the audience with beauty elements as well. Three unparalleled talents made Dior makeup one of the most iconic in its domain. For the first time in Arles, Dior is opening its own space at the heart of the Galerie du Cloître. The exhibit “Dior: The Art of Color” is a chromatic journey dedicated to Monsieur Dior’s passion for color. The recent Dior Metallics color palette is present and accounted for alongside Diorshow mascara and Dior’s iconic red lipstick.

In this place full of history and emotion, the Festival de la Photographie has been taking place since 1969. Dior is honoring three of the great architects of fashion, past and present Directors of Makeup Creation and Image: Serge Lutens, Tyen, and Peter Philips. From July 3 to September 24, 2017, the expressionist beauty of Serge Lutens’ films will bump elbows with the sensual and fantastical aesthetics of Tyen as well as images from a collaboration between Richard Burbridge and Peter Philips. From Serge Lutens’ 40 shades of red, inspired in the midst of the revolutionary New Look, to Tyen’s iconic 5-color palette introduced in 1987, color is one of Dior’s passions.

Dior: The Art of Color will go back on these pigmented moments for the very first time. Even better, Monsieur Dior’s brand is also celebrating its first participation in Arles by supporting a retrospective on photographer Annie Leibovitz. The first years 1970-1983/Archives Project #1 will present 8,000 archived black and white images of New York in the 70s as captured by one of photography’s greatest legends.

L’Oréal Paris x Balmain Paris : An Unexpected Collaboration


This is a first: L’Oréal Paris teamed up with Balmain for a capsule collection of makeup. Dubbed L’Oréal Paris x Balmain Paris, this mini-collection promises to capture the instinctive creativity of Olivier Rousteing at the height of his art. One of the most coveted lipsticks in the world is revealed in a brand new way – it’s said that one Color Riche lipstick is sold in the world every 3 seconds!

To trace the ultra-desirable lips of the Balmain Army’s leading ladies, L’Oréal Paris gave free rein to Balmain’s creative director to concoct a brand new and inspired collectoin, founded on Rousteing’s desire to make luxury more accessible. “Certain shades are ideal for white skin, others for Asian skin, and others for black skin,” Olivier Rousteing highlights. “My goal through this collaboration is to be able to transpose the Balmain universe into cosmetics all while making it accessible to everyone, but also to represent a new generation by accenting diversity.” The two brands do indeed share the same vision, that of a strong femininity capable of expressing itself through different cosmetics.

This new collaboration will be unveiled during the next Paris Fashion Week, of which L’Oréal Paris is an official partner. The Parisian woman’s more instinctive vision of beauty as developed by Olivier Rousteing will finally meet a new audience. “Beauty and high-end fashion now have a symbolic meeting point: this new limited Color Riche collection with Balmain Paris,” remarked Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, President of L’Oréal. The cult classic lipstick Color Riche is interpreted with three new color themes, making for a total of 12 colors. Available in September.

“La Mer Pour Les Airelles” Spa at the Legendary Courchevel Luxury Hotel


For the first time in its history, Les Airelles’ spa is getting renovated with a little help from illustrious skincare and cosmetics brand La Mer. Within this sumptuous hotel, La Mer becomes the ideal spa partner for offering the most advanced treatments to clients, starting with the most coveted cream in the world. This partnership brings together two masters of wellness- La Mer and Les Airelles’ spa decided to bring together all the power of water in order to compose a multi-sensorial experience and a unique feeling of wellness in an Alpine setting.

On the menu are personalized facial treatments – precious and reenforced with a pure concentration of Miracle Broth, a patented infusion reserved for this spa experience. The body treatments exude an uncanny feeling of youth. Since this is a luxury hotel, custom services are also offered in order to respond to every demand. This is the crème de la crème of skincare thanks to specific massage techniques and a pure infusion of the legendary Miracle Broth among the choices available. These exclusive treatments give life to five renewing facets – hydration, regeneration, smoothing, calming, and radiance – helping the skin to get back to center.

To go even further, Les Airelles’ spa is now offering a cryotherapy experience. This is a first for Courchevel. This new technique at Les Airelles that uses cold temperatures in an individual cabin is ideal for recuperating after a day of skiing. Exposed to an array of extremely low temperatures, from -110 to -170 degrees Celsius, the body is able to recover even faster. With sessions lasting from 35 seconds to 3 minutes, it procures an absolute sensation of wellness and helps the body to reunite with its primary essence. When the pain is eased, the skin becomes smooth, and stress takes off. Try this new method of skincare now.

New Capture Totale Dreamskin Skincare Products


There’s no time to lose but beauty to be affirmed. The new Capture Totale Dreamskin skincare products act simultaneously and instantly on every part of the skin – designed to perfect and reveal faded beauty. By opting for instant perfection anywhere and everywhere, Capture Totale Dreamskin is adapted to every woman.

Dior chose a multi-dimensional brand ambassador, just like the women of today, with Eva Herzigova as the face of Capture Totale. Sometimes in a rush but always demanding, her ideal routine begins with an instant transformation and maximum efficiency, captured in the least amount of time possible.

The Capture Totale line is composed of three expert and hybrid skincare products that can be adapted to every skin type and lifestyle: Dreamskin Advanced corrector, Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion SPF50-3 in brand new shades, and the Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask, Dior’s first skin peeling treatment mask for refreshed and perfected skin in one minute flat. Capture Totale makes skin healthier and more luminous: the secret to feeling magnificent!