How to choose the right elements of my skiing outfit? How to find my way through the multitude of brands, styles, novelties and iconic pieces? Icon-Icon offers exactly what you need; a selection of ski jackets, suits, shoes, helmets, masks and skis themselves, in order for you to choose the most elegant, pop, or luxurious pieces around!

To make this possible, Icon-Icon draws from its expertise in fashion and luxury’s history, but also and, above all, from its knowledge of brand identities and codes; the sloped and their iconic backgrounds have always served as a stage for fashion’s most iconic bold and elegant touches.

All you need is to dive in jet-set photographer Slim Aarons images to see the skiers’ oh-so-elegant outfits in Europe’s fanciest resorts of Courchevel, Cortina or Gstaad.

Gstaad, or where Princess Grace of Monaco inspired more than one snow sport classic whenever she was pictured sledding, skiing, dressed in Aran woolens and sunglasses…

One still thinks of Diana’s iconic silhouette, or that of Audrey Hepburn in Charade, filmed on Megève’s slopes; a true epitome of powder-cutting elegance and style.

Some houses were even born on the slopes, such as Emilio Pucci’s; the once renowned professional skier later became the king of prints, and also one of Italian fashion’s most iconic names.

More recently, a number of Parisian fashion’s big names have ventured into the snow sport’s universe. Chanel’s Coco Neige comes to mind, a line entirely dedicated to the winter sport, which also happens to be loaded with the brand’s codes, from the Double C logo to the black and white palette.

Thus, Paris’ grandest houses’ silhouettes meet technical and performance oriented cold resisting materials and textiles, allowing for superb freedom of movement.

Among the naturally awaited winter sports’ names, Icon-Icon has forgotten none, from Fusalp, to Rossignol, to Moncler …

For example, we can find Fusalp’s iconic piece, which imposed a one sentence look: the polar opposite of puffy style. A silhouette whose icon is the Montana jacket.

From ski to helmet, or head to toe, this selection covers it all. High performance skis, for both men and women, sealed by names like Porsche, Rossignol, alone or in collaboration with brands like Balmain, or even Dior.

Helmets and masks stamped with Fendi’s Double F, or the fruits of the collaboration between Fusalp and Chloé, but also the more classic Monclers, Salomons or Julbos.

Icon-Icon offers you this selection to choose from; pieces corresponding to your silhouette, your skill, but above all your unique approach to skiing!