Icon-Icon has established its selection of the most important and iconic spirits on the market. During the last decade, cocktail culture has literally exploded, raising mixology to the rank of gourmet art. Following the growing interest among readers for this specific subject, Icon-Icon has decided to put in place, in a rigorous and insightful manner, a selection allowing to acquire the spirits that participate actively in this new golden age.

Cognac, gin or vodka; Icon-Icon has carefully selected the spirits that are renowned for the oomph of their taste, as well as the centennial expertises that lead up to their birth. Acting as a genuine library of taste, Icon-Icon’s Spirits section offers the opportunity to strengthen you minibar with the market’s most ecstatic bottles, starting with Cognacs; XOs, VSOPs and Rares, they’re all included in Icon-Icon’s list of the best cognacs around.

As any other name in this selection, the Hennessy moniker is intrinsic to its importance in the cognac realm. First imagined by Maurice Hennessy, its cognac is an aromatic symphony. Composed of a hundred different sherries, Hennessy’s X.O Cognac unveils a deeper face of the spirit. Created originally by the brand’s founder for his inner circles, the X.O has pioneered a new style of cognac; full, rich and complex.

Among the X.Os, cognac amateurs will also find the exquisite icon of Rémy Martin’s repertoire; born from the unique blend of 1200 different sherries, aged between 40 and 100 years each. André Giraud, the brand’s cellar master, has decided to pay homage to the three century long union between the Grand and Petite Champagne varieties, thus creating the Rémy Martin XO Excellence.

The gin selection opens on a plethora of distilled gins and London Dry Gins in a selection comprising both the most innovative ones and the most iconic ones alike.

Distilled in Scotland with bold and delicious cucumber, tose and fine herb infusions, Hendrick’s gin offers a taste of its exceptional expertise.

Nestled on France’s Riviera, the Comte de Grasse innovates with a Grassois gin. Flavored, aromatically intriguing and luxurious, the Comte de Grasse offers to taste plants that aren’t often included in a gin: glasswort, grapefruit, jasmin, Sichuan pepper and centifolia rose, all magnified by revolutionary distillation techniques.

Last but not least, it’s our vodka selection that will close this enticing spirits selection.

Grey Goose owes its exceptional taste to its selection of the best French ingredients; elaborated in Charente, from Picardie wheat and Gensac-La-Pallue mineral water, naturally filtered through Charente’s chalky soil, it acts as a faithful representation of Made in France’s excellence.

As old as the six century long Polish tradition that is vodka making, Belvedere’s distillation mixes purified water, direct-fire distillation and the iconique golden Dankowskie rye. Add to it five separate distillations, which make Belvedere’s particular delicate, floral, spiced and fresh aroma possible.

A complete selection of the best spirits to have in your drinks cabinet.