A recent craze has made gin the resolutely sophisticated element in any kind of cocktail; from the mythical Martini to the Cosmopolitan, gin has become a highly evocative nectar. Sophistication, elegance and power: alone or as a cocktail, gin distills subtlety and excellence to the tongue.

Thus, Icon-Icon has assembled the best gins around; a selection of savant sophistication which regroups the biggest and best names on the market. To each their own way of consuming this liquid slice of history, and to each distillery their own way of tastefully revisiting this same slice of history; if gin comes from a composition born from monks’ minds, and later those of several alchemists, its sophistication came during the 17th century. Ever since, each time juniper berries and medicinal herbs are added into the mix, the resulting blend captivates a notion of its epoch; be it in the 1920s or the 2020s, its distinguished status and taste have never come out of fashion.

Distilled or London Dry, this selection is all you need to realise just how vast the gin world is.

For example, we have the Tanqueray London Dry Gin, a timeless classic, elaborated nearly two centuries ago. Icon-Icon suggests the Tanqueray Ten which draws its name from the tenth still in Tanqueray’s distillery, to which it is destined. Here, specifically, it is an eight plant and citrus blend that gives it its bold taste, around rarely used ingredients.

An absolute icon of the gin realm, Hendrick’s is obviously included in the selection. Distilled in Scotland with bold and delicious cucumber, rose and eleven different herb infusions, Hendrick’s offers a taste of its exceptional know-how.

A more confidential beverage, Icon-Icon offers to discover Citadelle’s innovative gin. Delicately floral to the nose and remarkably velvety, Citadelle’s recipe is based on one of France’s first ever gins, distilled in Dunkirk’s Citadelle. Just what you need if you want to taste a drop of French history, in a purely contemporary gin.

As was already said, London Dry Gins are a logical part of this selection. Among them, N°3 Gin is a classic and exquisite London Dry, with a strong and rich heritage. Its basic flavors are undoubtedly those of a classic gin, with a vivid structure elaborated around juniper upheld by soft spices and citruses. N°3 Gin is a savantly balanced spirit.

Among the many innovations linked to this spirit’s three hundred year old distillation process, one can find the Mombasa Club Gin, for example. Made according to a certain historical distillation method, at the heart of the mythical Mombasa Club, in nowadays Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, this gin draws its exceptional taste from plants such as juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seed and acacia rind.

Be it classic, iconic or new, Icon-Icon offers to discover the best gins around.