The tasting of whiskey is a true ritual for connoisseurs. Whiskey combined the sophistication with an exquisite taste offering the special experience to be done alone, with family or friends. But how do you find your way to the perfect alcohol in a range variety of alcohols from around the world?

Icon-icon brings here the selection of the most iconic whiskeys for various occasions. In search of excellence and taste adventures, we offer the selection of whiskeys put into six sub-categories: scotches, rare whiskeys, single malts, bourbons, Irish whiskeys and Japanese ones.

Among the sublime repertoire of whiskeys, we can find some names that resonate the reputation of the whiskey in every corner of the world… The Dalmore house and its nose- Richard Paterson, for example. To achieve the perfect distillation of 35-year-old Dalmore, the master blender tried to rely on the Dalmore spirit. This spirit which, inherited from the MacKenzie clan who took over the management of the distillery in 1867 and left the rest for the time to do the job… This wide range of aromas!

Among the big names in whiskey industry, we think of The Macallan distillery. It is known around the world for its extraordinary single malt Scotch whiskey!

A whiskey with such an original character that it reveals the ardor and flavor of an uncompromising malt. The Macallan offers a divine tasting experience which we owe to the year of bottling, the type and the number of a cask. One of the best choices is for sure the 25 year old 1965 Rotation 1991!

This selection also includes the best whiskeys in the world, especially in the section dedicated to Japanese whiskey, a whiskey for meditation. This exclusive alcohol comes from the 1996 cask that spent then 18 years in American oak barrels. The special taste let the palate of a consumer the whole range of flavors.

Japanese whiskey is highly appreciate by the connoisseurs of this alcohol. A 12 heard old Yamaha offers a perfect savoir-faire in a Japanese way when it comes to whiskey!

Among the rare whiskeys, the award goes to 200 Yamasaki Sherry Cask! It has been described as „an almost incredible piece of genius” as well as „the best whiskey in the world”. And it’s all thanks to Jim Murray- whiskey guru that understand how to do this alcohol.

This Icon-Icon selection offers the wide range of whiskeys, to be tasted alone or in company!