Prada Slippers are Stunning and Elegant in Italy!

“Prada Style” is unique and original in shapes, colors, and materials chosen. In fact, thanks to Miuccia Prada, the brand continues to surprise us given through a unique perfection and elegance, which alone has the secret.

Targeting a magnet outside the box and playing with fashion, she is presenting each collection punctuated by surprises and essential parts. Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli (her husband) continue to inspire us with chic Italian taste through this sparkling new collection and unexpectedly, the Evening Slippers.

A huge trend this season is turning out to be a good compromise to the original and chic ballerina flat and pump. Miuccia, faithful to thematic kitsch and Baroque offers us precious ornaments and sublime mixtures of substances. Enough to give a moment of madness in her looks, and psychedelic combination refined. Miuccia appears indomitable and unpredictable. “Everyone (note: the creators) has a theory on his own collections today, I’m tired of theories. This collection speaks of fun fashion.”

And the fashion genius makes us happy by giving us the opportunity to be chic and offbeat, a style already refined by sophistication in Italy. Note the details and fine parts, instead of simple slippers in the city; it presents a real Cinderella shoe modern Italians are struck by the fervor and extravagance. Impetuous and ingenious it stands out once again where you do not expect. 

Prada’s shoe collection has a vast and varied accommodation for the new collection which has become a must. Each room decorated with velvet patches, sequins, stones or jewelry, adopted as a valuable accessory, but slightly impetuous and terribly chic.

Prada’s style has its contradictions but Muiccia still subverts the codes and seduced us.

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