Just A Clou Cartier Collection: History And Current Events

Just A Clou Cartier Collection: History And Current Events

The Juste Un Clou Cartier Collection… A nail that surrounds the wrist! But a nail cast in gold, which combines the extraordinary Cartier know-how with the revolutionary aesthetics of the 70s.

History of the Juste Un Clou Cartier Collection

Since 1847, Cartier, the jeweler of Kings and King of jewelers, has shone with its technical prowess in Haute Horlogerie. And by his mastery of the most precious stones… From the Tank watch to the Pasha, via the diamonds and crowns of the European aristocracy, Cartier has been able to reinvent its repertoire while always being sensitive to the times.

Just A Clou Cartier Collection: History And Current Events

In the 20th century, the three brothers at the helm of the illustrious jewelry house have never ceased to be at the forefront of the creativity of the times. And when the 1970s reshuffled the cards of luxury, Cartier was once again ahead of expectations.

The Jewel of an Era

We owe the Juste un Clou de Cartier jewel to the jeweler Aldo Cipullo. This young Italian immigrant to New York introduced two of the most revolutionary and desired pieces in the Cartier repertoire… The Love bracelet and Juste un Clou.

The bold and creative spirit of Aldo Cipullo was thus bubbling to the rhythm of a modern and eminently revolutionary era. This son of Italian jeweler evolved in the artistic and underground circles of New York. In the 60’s, the city was the epicenter of those who wanted to change the world, art and life!

Juste un Clou Cartier

In this, Aldo Cipullo bathes in this cultural bath that carries high new values. Aldo Cipullo frequents Warhol’s Factory, and its stars at the forefront of a liberation without precedent in history!

Values of liberation of the morals, and in particular sexual, that we still find sung in the incomparable groove of James Brown. Yes, it was a time of renewal and modernity – radical but elegant! And if there is luxury, it should be relaxed, as if relieved of the weight of the past…

A bit like the Love bracelet, Aldo Cipullo has the ingenious idea of taking everyday objects and creating a piece of jewelry that reflects the times. In the style of Pop Art, it will erect a simple nail around an absolute chic!

For Cartier, in 1971, Aldo Cipullo designed a bracelet in the shape of a nail. This piece is then the flagship of a collection of screws and nuts. “This hardware, as hard as it looks, has a real warmth that is essential to jewelry,” he told Women’s Wear Daily at the time. In this sense, the nail is “a reflection of life. We are surrounded by things that are screwed, bolted, nailed. And I don’t think it can be any other way.”

Juste Un Clou de Cartier 2023: Icon of Jewelry

The idea is simple, brilliant. Electrified by a creative freedom influenced by Pop Art, Aldo Cipullo delivers a timeless icon. Because, beyond the fashions and whims of the times, the Clou de Cartier is still a highly coveted piece today.

Juste un Clou Cartier

It must be said that Cipullo’s functional inspiration was able to meet the majestic know-how of the Place Vendôme jewelers. Juste un Clou is thus imagined as an industrial and non-conformist link that clasps the finger or wrist – a simplicity sublimated by yellow, white or pink gold.

And when Irving Penn captures it as a brooch nonchalantly placed on a lavaliere blouse, for Vogue magazine, the object becomes an icon. The great Elizabeth Taylor was not long in appropriating it…

And, this is how the Clou Cartier became a jewelry myth, as well as one of the most coveted jewels in history – and maybe even more in 2023!