The return of the Pasha de Cartier watch: an object of carefree luxury

The return of the Pasha de Cartier watch: an object of carefree luxury

The more than noticed return of the Cartier watchmaker, in 2020, awakens the desire for these carefree luxury timepieces!

A Watch That Rewrites The Balance Of Elegance

Cartier has long anchored its name in the imagination with wildly elegant creations. Playing with the codes of jewelry to better sublimate its know-how, the house of the panther is, like it, the epitome of subtle elegance. Because that’s what Cartier never sought to do: tread in the footsteps of academicism.

In addition, the Pasha de Cartier watch embodies the ardor and harmony of the objects of desire signed by the Maison de la Rue de la Paix. Imagined in the 1930s, published in 1985; these new versions introduced in this year 2020 praise the very special heritage of this simply timeless timepiece.

Because his story, like his transcendent charisma, is closely linked to that of a personality no less academic – a pasha by the name Thami El Glaoui, the Pasha of Marrakech.

An Echo Sculpted Model With Free and Inspired Personalities

The history of this iconic model of the 80s is written in the 1930s. It is at this time that the Pasha of Marrakech orders from the “King of Jewelers and Jeweler of Kings“ that is the Cartier house. a watch of incredible luxury, yet capable of withstanding the pressure of the water. This is the knot that outlines this object of desire – the Cartier watch must be waterproof. And at the time, that was a big challenge.

With obvious know-how, Louis Cartier easily takes up this proposition – Cartier thus delivers him a watch of learned luxury. Adorned with a protective grid pattern that makes it waterproof, this round wristwatch was sculpted in solid gold; its four even more oversized Arabic numerals…

In 1985, this model will be definitively offered to the public under the name of The Pasha. The success is immediate. The Pasha watch with its discordant but harmonious lines fascinates as much as it delights the tastes of an era. The ultimate chic of this Cartier Equipoise watch? A square fits into the voluptuous round frame.

But it is still Pierre Rainero, director of image, style and heritage of Cartier, who tells the story of its status as an icon: “It was one of the emblems of the mid-1980s Imagined in a diameter of 38 mm, it was, at the time, a very large watch compared to its competitors – it also played a major role in the growth in the size of timepieces. Especially, if it is a male model initially, she quickly becomes very popular with the female population! “

So, we can better understand the enthusiasm that is building today around new versions of this cult watch that has never been disowned.

Pasha: A Singular Watch Which Singles Its Wearer

In keeping with the Cartier tradition, the new Pasha watches promote a vision of elegance where anything goes. The keystone of its baroque and wildly refined design, the new Pasha models are available in two sizes, 35 mm and 41 mm, a watchmaking echo with ambitious and damn free personalities!

In addition, whether in steel, yellow gold, pink gold or studded with diamonds, the new Pasha hypnotize even more in their most jeweled version – inherently sublime skeleton versions.

To better mark the individuality of those who choose this watch, the Cartier house has thus slipped under the original technical process, a very princely subtlety. It is there, under the mythical crown, sometimes studded with a blue spinel or a sapphire, that the possibility of having what passes through the mind be engraved there.

So a devilishly chic process, which originally served to ensure the water-resistance of the watch. This chained crown, one of the key design elements of the Pasha de Cartier watch, will be made in 2020 thus secret and personal… This engraving only appears on the condition of unscrewing the chained crown. & Nbsp; But there is even better.

Echoing our times when we like to change a detail with the snap of a finger, the straps of the new Pasha watches can be changed at the touch of a button.

Steel, gold, leather, all versions are interchangeable through an unprecedented adaptation of the QuickSwitch system, developed by Cartier. The invisible mechanism is actually melted into the architecture of the case.

And there is something else … A true object of carefree luxury, the new Pasha de Cartier also adopts the Smart-Link system, which is the subject of a patent. The interest? It allows you to adjust by yourself, and without tools, the exact length of the link bracelet…

Enough to leave the mind filled with wonder at the sight of the movement that drives the new Pasha de Cartier watches. Through the sapphire crystal case back, it is indeed all the ingenuity of the know-how of the rue de la Paix that is revealed! An automatic caliber 1847 MC that combines grace and performance. And Pasha watches whose magnetism is reaching new heights in 2020!