FOCUS On VSOP Cognac: Our Very Superior Selection

FOCUS On VSOP Cognac: Our Very Superior Selection

To taste a VSOP cognac is to be part of what has been pitched in recent decades in a highly-sophisticated ritual. Icon-Icon has selected the most symbolic VSOP cognacs of this lifestyle.

SPECIAL VSOP Cognac: How to choose your wine wisely

VSOP cognacs are well-known for being the most finished. VSOP stands for “Very Superior Old Pale” – that is to say, cognacs made out of aged eaux-de-vie for at least four years. Hence the importance of choosing your VSOP Cognac.

Because even though cognac, which has been worldwide famous for centuries, is now a blending alcohol, few are able to express the finesse and elegance of this traditional tradition in the Cognac region of France!

Because it is a symbol of luxury and French refinement, Icon-Icon has selected the houses that have made the Very Special Old Superior cognac an alcohol to taste alone or accompanied!

Here, Maison Camus stands out by leading the 5th generation and ensures expert know-how in terms of cognac. As a matter of fact, VSOP Camus stands amongst the most sought-after cognacs.

The Camus Borderies VSOP cognac is most likely the most intriguing elixir. This limited-edition, single-cepage cognac is exclusively composed of grapes from Borderies’s Camus vineyards. The spirit owns its aroma and hints of nuts and violets to this holy ground.


A tasting experience thus described by the house Camus: a beautiful, homogeneous orange color with rich amber reflections. On the nose, it reveals gourmet notes of vanilla pods and orange zest supported by floral aromas and sweet spices. Then, a creamy structure is disclosed, with an assertive yet elegant arrangement supported by a slight woody touch. It ends on an exquisite, long, and balanced finish with a great deal of novelty.”

The Very Special cognac by Camus is one of the most famous interpretations of the house. The carefully selected assembly of Eaux-de-vie ensures the restitution of the flavors’ quintessence from the soil of Charente. That is to say, on the palate, some fancy fruity touches enlivened by spicy hints heighten the degustation of this spirit.


The Hennessy House, as the most likely well-known, offers a VSOP cognac inherited from a privilege. It explains: Carrying on the heritage of VSOP, the goal has always been to create an assembly as complete as harmonious: the accurate expression of a perfectly balanced cognac.

Thus, this Hennessy cognac is the outcome of the House’s handcrafted know-how. That is to say, an aged cognac between four to five years in oak barrels from Limousin. The oak wood provides this Very Superior Old Pale with these stunning wooden hints! All in one of the most iconic bottles!


The Louis Royer house introduces an outstanding VSOP. Ever since its foundation in 1853, the company has been distilling its traditional know-how through cognacs conveying the best of fruits and Eaux-de-vie.

Laurent Moulis, managing director since 2017 precises: Inside the Louis Royer House, we have the advantage of harnessing all crafts, from the vineyard to selling the product, and having high-performance tools at our disposal in order to create great cognac. Then, it is all about associating the passion and skills of the people who represent the house. Like rugby, we operate as a team of which I am the captain to achieve our goals.”

© Louis ROYER

Here is another great VSOP cognac. The ABK6 VSOP Single Estate. Distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes, on local limestone hills, the ABK6 VSOP Single Estate is a modern and revolutionary cognac. It is assembled from an ancient selection of eau-de-vie (ancienter than what is legally required for the VSOP designation) to better showcase the know-how of Domaine Francis Abécassis.

© ABK6

The illustrious house Martell introduced its VSOP as a symphony of aromas and flavors well orchestrated. Martell VSOP cognac reveals an intricate note, a sober mouth, and a racy background. That is to say, Martell’s gustative signature is the result of an aging process into oak barrels from Tronçais trees, with this thin grain that creates light cognacs with delicate woody hints.


The Drouet VSOP is a blend of subtle intricacy complemented by a powerful mouth — the Drouet VSOP Cognac is a harmonious, precise, and rich mix. Developed solely with Eaux-de-vie from the first Grande Champagne terroir, it presents an outstanding blend, essential in a fruity and floral essence!


The Frapin VSOP cognac is rich, and warm, with a fruity and spicy baked apple core. It is sweet and long with persistent spicy flavors — the Frapin VSOP is an exceptional cognac blending spirits from the grapes of the great Frapin estate!


Finally, the Courvoisier VSOP seals our selection of iconic VSOP cognacs. Aged longer than the minimum aging time of four years for VSOP cognac, Courvoisier’s sits for about eight years. It is what gives him all his passion and aromatic power. As a matter of fact, Courvoisier was Napoleon’s favorite cognac. He used to appreciate it so much that he brought several crates to soften the exile in Saint-Hélène island.

© COURvoisier

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