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  • Camus VSOP Borderies Single Estate

    Camus Borderies
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    A single vintage and single estate cognac released as a limited edition; Camus’ Borderie VSOP is made from raisins exclusive to the Camus vineyards in Borderies. The soil itself is what gives it its aroma, especially its hints of violet and nut.

    Name of the Product :VSOP Borderies Single Estate

    Brand : Camus

    Description :

    Color: Beautiful, consistent orange color with flashes of rich amber.

    Nose: Reveals enticing notes of vanilla pods and orange zest, on a bed of soft spice and floral aromas.

    Palate: Ample and unctuous, with a robust yet elegant structure and a light hint of woodiness. Beautiful, long finish, well-balanced and wonderfully fresh.

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  • Hennessy VSOP Privilège

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    The culmination of Hennessy’s artisanal know-how; Hennessy’s VSOP Privilège is the result of a traditional ageing, courtesy of Hennessy’s Master Blenders. It’s aged between four and fifteen years in Limousin oak casks, which gives it its marvelous wooded notes, on the nose and in the mouth.

    Name of the product : VSOP Privilège

    Brand : Hennessy

    Description : Hennessy has established itself as a brand that strives for constant perfection in each bottle it produces, making sure to reproduce the same taste year after year, bottle after bottle. It is the true art of craftsmanship, mastery in their field. Hennessy Cognac VSOP Privilege is the culmination of the know-how that the estate has perfected over centuries of hard work. A traditional and careful aging process in handcrafted French oak barrels allows each of the 60 eaux-de-vie to express itself and fully develop during this maturation process.

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  • Martell VSOP

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    A well orchestrated symphony of aromas and flavors; Martell’s VSOP cognac reveals a complex bouquet, a sober taste and a distinguished depth. This is Martell’s gustative signature, a carefully calculated result of having aged its cognac is french oak casks, more precisely from Tronçais trees, as their fine grain gives the cognac its lightness and subtle wooded taste. 

    Name of the Product : Martell VSOP

    Brand : Martell

    Description : Martell VSOP wears a golden medallion bearing the effigy of Louis XIV and commemorates the year 1715, which saw the birth of Maison Martell. Its blend is the result of a perfect balance between old eaux-de-vie from the four best vintages of the Cognac region.Profile: A balanced cognac, marked by the scent of oak. The length of its aging in barrels has allowed it to develop complex aromas and notes of prunes and caramelized dried fruits. A character that brings a lot of richness to a cocktail.

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  • Remy Martin VSOP

    Remy Martin VSOP
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    Mature scents as well as tastes of leather, spice and bittersweet chocolate. Remy Martin’s VSOP’s beautiful complexity makes it a refined and elegant cognac, if there ever was one. Its blend contains a 55% proportion of Grande Champagne brandies, the rest being from Petite Champagne. 

    Name of the Product : Remy Martin VSOP

    Brand : Remy Martin

    Description : Rémy Martin VSOP is a Fine Champagne cognac, made from a selection of eaux-de-vie exclusively from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne known for their exceptional aging potential.
    The perfect harmony between aromatic power and elegance. An iconic, essential brand and an iconic bottle, black and frosted.
    Excellence recognized at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”, where Rémy Martin VSOP was awarded a silver medal in 2020.

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  • Frapin VSOP

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    Rich and warm, with a spice seasoned oven baked apple flavor, and a soft yet persistently spicy coat, Frapin’s VSOP cognac is an exceptional one, elaborated by the Frapin house around a Frapin estate sourced blend of brandies. 

    Name of the Product : Frapin VSOP

    Brand : Frapin

    Description : Golden amber in color, this VSOP develops a fruity bouquet from grapes and floral, characteristic of Grande Champagne. A discreet vanilla note also appears from the tannin contained in the oak barrels where it matures. The persistence of flavors reflects an already marked balance and maturity.

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  • Courvoisier VSOP

    Courvoisier VSOP
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    Aged for longer than the standard minimum four years required for a VSOP cognac, Courvoisier’s VSOP rests for double that time, approximately. Hence its oomph and aromatic stopping power. After all, it’s not by chance that Courvoisier became Napoléon’s favorite cognac; he even brought a few cases with him to Saint-Hélène, to alleviate the weight of exile.

    Name of the Product : Courvoisier VSOP

    Brand : Courvoisier

    Description : Delicate, elegant and complex, this VSOP Fine Cognac develops exceptional aromas of jasmine, peach and toasted almond. Meticulously crafted, it is the perfect union between Grande and Petite Champagne at the start of their maturity and Fins Bois expressing all their aromatic potential.

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  • Drouet VSOP

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    This is a blend of subtle complexity, completed by a strong palate; Drouet’s VSOP cognac is a harmonious, precise and rich blend. Created using solely the finest Grande Champagne brandies, it offers a strong and exceptional blend which stands proud of its fruity and flowery essence.

    Name of the Product : VSOP Drouet

    Brand : Drouet

    Description : These cognacs are aged in small French oak barrels with a capacity varying between 250 and 400 liters. On the nose, fragrances of vanilla, apple crumble, cinnamon stick or liquorice. On the palate: a successful balance between the freshness of fruit and undergrowth and oak. Very good length. A moment of flavors after a dessert with coffee éclairs or Norwegian vanilla omelette and a coffee on a small Davidoff.

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  • ABK6 VSOP Single Estate

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    Distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc vintage grapes, on a limestone hill, ABK6’s VSOP Single Estate Cognac is a modern one, due to its revolutionary nature. Indeed, its is assembled a selection of very ancient brandies, more so than what is required for the VSOP label to be reached, to further boost the merits of Domaine Francis Abécassis’ expertise. 

    Name of the Product : VSOP Single Estate Cognac

    Brand : ABK6

    Description : ABK6 VSOP Single Estate cognac is, as its name suggests, created from a single estate in the Fins Bois region – belonging to the Abecassis family. Offering both floral and spicy notes, this VSOP is a true emblem of its vintage renowned for its versatility. A magnificently rich and fat Cognac which represents excellent value for money. Having won awards from all over the world, VSOP Single Estate is a safe and secure choice when selecting a new cognac to try for the first time.Present in the regions of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois, the ABK6 estate benefits from a privileged location, which benefits from the richness of chalky soils and ideal conditions for cultivating exceptional eaux-de-vie. A family affair, ABK6 takes pride in managing all aspects of the production process and pays special attention to the methods chosen to ensure sustainability and respect for the land at every stage of the process.

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