Martell VSOP

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A well orchestrated symphony of aromas and flavors; Martell’s VSOP cognac reveals a complex bouquet, a sober taste and a distinguished depth. This is Martell’s gustative signature, a carefully calculated result of having aged its cognac is french oak casks, more precisely from Tronçais trees, as their fine grain gives the cognac its lightness and subtle wooded taste. 

Name of the Product : Martell VSOP

Brand : Martell

Description : Martell VSOP wears a golden medallion bearing the effigy of Louis XIV and commemorates the year 1715, which saw the birth of Maison Martell. Its blend is the result of a perfect balance between old eaux-de-vie from the four best vintages of the Cognac region.Profile: A balanced cognac, marked by the scent of oak. The length of its aging in barrels has allowed it to develop complex aromas and notes of prunes and caramelized dried fruits. A character that brings a lot of richness to a cocktail.