Drouet VSOP

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This is a blend of subtle complexity, completed by a strong palate; Drouet’s VSOP cognac is a harmonious, precise and rich blend. Created using solely the finest Grande Champagne brandies, it offers a strong and exceptional blend which stands proud of its fruity and flowery essence.

Name of the Product : VSOP Drouet

Brand : Drouet

Description : These cognacs are aged in small French oak barrels with a capacity varying between 250 and 400 liters. On the nose, fragrances of vanilla, apple crumble, cinnamon stick or liquorice. On the palate: a successful balance between the freshness of fruit and undergrowth and oak. Very good length. A moment of flavors after a dessert with coffee éclairs or Norwegian vanilla omelette and a coffee on a small Davidoff.