Dubai Wonder

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New opus of the “Voyage” collection of Éditions Assouline, Dubai Wonder invites you to discover the flagship city of the Emirates, through the prism of what it has best to offer in terms of art, lifestyle and culture! As a bonus, a dive into the highly anticipated event for October 2021, the Dubai World Expo. Discover our article onthis beautiful book selected by Icon-Icon.

Author : Myrna Ayad

Publishing House : Assouline

Release date: August 2021

Dubai Wonder introduces readers to this city rich in history, cultural diversity and distinct neighborhoods, including Deira, home to Khor Dubai, an inlet on which Dubai’s economy has relied for decades for diving and pearl fishing; Al Quoz, the cultural heart of the city; the Dubai International Financial Center and Jumeirah, a largely residential area with the emirate’s notable resorts along its coast.