ABK6 VSOP Single Estate

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Distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc vintage grapes, on a limestone hill, ABK6’s VSOP Single Estate Cognac is a modern one, due to its revolutionary nature. Indeed, its is assembled a selection of very ancient brandies, more so than what is required for the VSOP label to be reached, to further boost the merits of Domaine Francis Abécassis’ expertise. 

Name of the Product : VSOP Single Estate Cognac

Brand : ABK6

Description : ABK6 VSOP Single Estate cognac is, as its name suggests, created from a single estate in the Fins Bois region – belonging to the Abecassis family. Offering both floral and spicy notes, this VSOP is a true emblem of its vintage renowned for its versatility. A magnificently rich and fat Cognac which represents excellent value for money. Having won awards from all over the world, VSOP Single Estate is a safe and secure choice when selecting a new cognac to try for the first time.Present in the regions of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois, the ABK6 estate benefits from a privileged location, which benefits from the richness of chalky soils and ideal conditions for cultivating exceptional eaux-de-vie. A family affair, ABK6 takes pride in managing all aspects of the production process and pays special attention to the methods chosen to ensure sustainability and respect for the land at every stage of the process.