Courvoisier VSOP

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Aged for longer than the standard minimum four years required for a VSOP cognac, Courvoisier’s VSOP rests for double that time, approximately. Hence its oomph and aromatic stopping power. After all, it’s not by chance that Courvoisier became Napoléon’s favorite cognac; he even brought a few cases with him to Saint-Hélène, to alleviate the weight of exile.

Name of the Product : Courvoisier VSOP

Brand : Courvoisier

Description : Delicate, elegant and complex, this VSOP Fine Cognac develops exceptional aromas of jasmine, peach and toasted almond. Meticulously crafted, it is the perfect union between Grande and Petite Champagne at the start of their maturity and Fins Bois expressing all their aromatic potential.