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Flocons de Sel Hotel, Mégève

Megève looks out over a breathtaking landscape. This village is tucked in the Savoie, in the Mont Blanc range at the heart of the Alps. Here, there is a building that has preserved all the charm that made this village renowned for being one of the most beautiful ski stations in the world. The setting...


The Pearl of the South with the Conciergerie de Marrakech

The most ancient and legendary of Marrakech’s hotels is the Mamounia. The Mamounia is a palace that has seduced thousands of souls in search of luxury, calm, and sensuality… Glamorous and haute couture, the palace has always delighted the senses, charmed them with the grace and discretion that characterize Morrocan refinement. Presidents, fashion designers, singers,...


Love by Cartier: the Promise of Eternal Love

Among these presents deposited under the tree or on the edge of fire, is the famous Love bracelet, icon of passionate love. Created in 1969 by Aldo Cipullo in New York, it’s one of those pieces that has a rich story behind it. Incredibly innovative from the day it was released, the Love bangle just keeps...