Champagne Bollinger PN: The Second Edition…

Champagne Bollinger PN: The Second Edition…

Bollinger PN champagne enhances further the taste of Pinot Noir in the second edition of its very special Bollinger PN cuvée!

Champagne Bollinger PN: The Sublime Of Pinot Noir

If Bollinger is known to be the favorite champagne of Agent 007, the champagne Bollinger PN cuvée is a little more intimate. This is the second time that the House of Bollinger has bottled the taste of Pinot Noir, and the unprecedented approach to the great region of Champagne!

The Bollinger PN vintage is special for many reasons, mainly because is it exclusively composed of Pinot Noir, as Charles-Armand de Belenet, Managing Director of Champagne Bollinger, rightly states:

“This cuvée made entirely from Pinot Noir is ingrained in what has become the very essence, the DNA of our House – an inimitable vision of an iconic grape variety and uncompromising efforts to fulfill the mission we started in 1829 as creators of taste.»

This new Bollinger PN VZ16 edition offers a unique taste around a novel interpretation of Pinot Noir — the very essence of the sublime Bollinger champagne. We must not be mistaken; Pinot Noir is very much at the heart of the Bollinger taste, predominant in the whole line.

It is in the exclusive orchestration of a champagne based on this variety that the Bollinger vintage enhances the Pinot Noir.

The ambition of the house? To express the singular vision of this grape variety at the option of the Bollinger know-how through this new edition, the VZ16.

The house notes: “The significant proportion of Verzenay in this edition’s blend brings the characteristics of the Pinot Noirs grown in this terroir to the wine: depth, elegance, and tension with a saline finish. Pinot Noirs from other villages – Aÿ, Bouzy et Tauxières – have been added to create an aromatic synergy and to bring further complexity to the blend.

The 2016 vintage, remarkable in Champagne and especially for Pinot Noir, is the foundation of the VZ15 edition. The reserve wines contribute to the wine’s exceptional aromatic intensity, largely thanks to the use of Pinot Noirs aged in magnums for almost 10 years.”

Having opened the bottle, you are charmed by the fruity notes of apple, rhubarb, quince, and mirabelle plum that flood the space. You smell this rich and complex bouquet of notes of toasted hazelnuts that delight your senses.

Finally, your mouth experiences all the gluttony and flavors exotic, brioche, and slightly stewed, of this Bollinger PN champagne! The champagne is specially composed to be shared with enthusiasts….

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