The Hermès Birkin, This Bag That Is Worth More Than Gold

The Hermès Birkin, This Bag That Is Worth More Than Gold

Jane Birkin, then young mother of Lou Doillon, meets the president of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas, during a Paris-London flight…

Le Birkin, The Perfect Encounter

The meeting took place at an altitude of ten thousand meters – in a plane from London to Paris. Jane Birkin is then a young mother a bit overwhelmed. While she later recounted several versions of the meeting that led to the creation of the Birkin, the plot remains the same: no bag is suitable for her needs. Agenda, bottles, personal effects …

“I was on a plane between London and Paris in the 1980s and I was sitting, without knowing it, next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the president of Hermès. My Hermès diary was so full that everything fell out. He told me that I had better put my personal belongings in closed pockets. I replied: ‘If Hermès put pockets …’ he replied ‘I am Mr. Hermès and I will put pockets for you’. A month later he sent me a bag and asked if he could call it the Birkin. “

Jean-Louis Dumas lui a dessiné un sac inspiré du premier sac Hermès à haut courroies, souple et profond, estampillé des caractéristiques de la maison pour laquelle il opère… Cale astiquée, cadenas (LINK), et couture sellier (LINK). Le Birkin était né. Chic et pratique.

From its first edition in 1984, the Hermès “Birkin” bag unleashed passions. The success is immediate. From a chance encounter was born an iconic bag. A bag like a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

How Is Birkin Made?

Cette pièce, coupée dans les peaux les plus précieuses est fabriquée à la main — réalisée de bout en bout par un même artisan. Près de 48 heures d’un travail minutieux…

For weeks, the Hermès craftsman affixed his signature as a token of uniqueness. Each Birkin is indeed a unique piece. Composed of a flap, the bag is held together with two rigid handles. The interior is compartmentalized with a large patch pocket and a pocket with a zipper. Large, elegant, practical.

Faced with this extremely meticulous manufacturing process, a waiting list system had to be put in place; it will last until 2011. Because the success of the model is such that it was necessary to multiply the production workshops.

With the seasons, according to the inspirations, the look of the Birkin has constantly changed to adorn itself with smooth leather, crocodile, velvet or ostrich … In a dozen plain or multicolored tones.

5 sizes are now available: 25 cm, 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm or 45 cm.
A supremely relaxed lady’s bag … The Birkin reissued, reinterpreted, recreated, it nonetheless remains a bag with an exponential coat.

And because it shines with incredible perfection, a hallmark of Hermès, there is no need to advertise it – the bag is an exceptional object.

Just look at the latest auctions – the value of Birkin bags has increased by 500%… The most expensive ever?

$ 1.9 million for the Crocodile Gold Birkin Bag. Enough to make it a more lucrative investment than gold.