The Ritz Bar: A New Rendez-Vous In The Parisian Agenda

The Ritz Bar: A New Rendez-Vous In The Parisian Agenda

The Ritz Bar: A New Rendez-Vous In The Parisian Agenda

The most glamorous of all the Parisian “palaces” has inaugurated a new date in the parisian agenda; at the Ritz Bar, mixology is reinvigorated.

It shall be revealed during Paris Fashion Week; on the 27th of September, at the Ritz Bar, the timeless hotel’s staff will inaugurate a new rendez-vous, a new ritual under the mantle, or mantles, of creativity.

It is by being carried by the magic of divinatory sciences, esoterism and the strength of the constellations that this new appointment at the Ritz Bar takes place. Once again, it is the hotel itself that best summarises the announced sensuality: “Culminating at the heart of an 80 square meter space, a circular bar adorned with a monumental lantern will welcome visitors. Every evening, at precisely 5:30 pm, this approximately 2.5 meter high lantern, made from finely chiseled brass and projecting a zodiac constellation fresco, will hoist itself to the summit of the room before starting a light and sound animated ritual.”

Thus the Ritz Bar suggests to seize the magic of the moment, having imagined 12 meticulously elaborated intriguing cocktails that answer to the personalities, spirits and creativity of the twelve 12 zodiac signs.

Among them, Leo, the sign of Coco Chanel, High Priestess of the house, will be flamboyant. Cancer, chivalrous, and Aries, impetuous. We will enjoy these nectars as we rejoice at the sublime of the constellations.

Fantasy and esoterism will thus meet the fine mixology of the Ritz Bar, whereas the menu will further stimulate the senses with nearly 40 different spirits and tapas to share, in the grand culinary tradition of this palace where Auguste Escoffier laid the very foundations of French gastronomy.