The Pearl of the South with the Conciergerie de Marrakech

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The most ancient and legendary of Marrakech’s hotels is the Mamounia. The Mamounia is a palace that has seduced thousands of souls in search of luxury, calm, and sensuality… Glamorous and haute couture, the palace has always delighted the senses, charmed them with the grace and discretion that characterize Morrocan refinement. Presidents, fashion designers, singers, actors, models, the greatest names in history have all spent the night. This is where Winston Churchill took up residence in winters to paint the light that surprised him every second of the day as it shone down on his room’s garden view terrace in all its radiant might. Several of his paintings that depict the Mamounia’s gardens are on display at the Churchill Museum in London, like “Sunset over the Atlas Mountains”, an oil canvas dating back to 1935. Fantasies also take form in other mainstay Marrakech hotels like the Villa des Orangers. Adjoined to the souks, 10 minutes from the Place Jemma el Fna, snake charmers, fortune tellers, and local bands revel in the city’s phantasmagoria there once night falls. The Sofitel Palais Impérial, the Hôtel du Golf, or the Palais Namaskar… all these hotels unite timeless elegance and exceptional space in a setting that’s quite simply magical. Reputed for their refined tables, their meticulous decorations, and their chic Maghreb ambiance, these sumptuous hotels are Marrakech’s true iconic hotspots.

And when it’s time to take off and discover the “Ville Rouge”, the Conciergerie de Marrakech is the best ally you could ask for. Organizer of events and memorable holidays alike, it’s a unique and revolutionary concept. An expert in a number of locations as well as some of the Pearl of the South’s greatest secrets, the Conciergerie de Marrakech selects rare, unique, and authentic places: luxury hotel reservations, sumptuous villas, typically Moroccan guesthouses, the Conciergerie can also suggest diverse activities and excursions such as hiking, quad, horse-riding, golf… The Conciergerie de Marrakech will allow you discover or rediscover the Ochre City, revealing to its secret clients the jealously kept marvels of Marrakech.

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