Rolex Logo, A Story About Perfection

Rolex Logo, A Story About Perfection

Rolex Logo, A Story About Perfection

It is by Rolex Logo that we know Rolex itself. The crown shining from the Rolex sign of exceptional watches and this is from the start of the watch house.

Rolex Logo: A Century History

How was the name Rolex was invented? What stands behind the shining crown placed on boxes? Engraved on the packages? Stamping all remarkable for Rolex events? The Rolex logo is a story innately related to the figure of its founder. Hans Wilsdorf.

The Founder Of Rolex

Hans Wilsdorf is 24 years old when he founds Rolex. Having immigrated from Germany, Hans Wilsdorf lives in London with his brother-in-law of English origin, Alfred Davis, in particular. It is they who founded and revolutionised the watchmaking world. And this is the first part of the hundred-year period.

Logo Rolex

They did not have a particular intention to found their own assembly workshop. It was more than creating their own watch; both enthusiasts put their hands to importing constituents from Switzerland that they assembled and put into the English package.

Three years later, the partners decide to open a shop in Switzerland. The country has already become a cradle of watchmaking and new industries. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis knew that: if they wanted to turn upside down in the watch production, they had to be closer to the quality of know-how produced there. And this is one more point that had to lead the house that has got the of Rolex yet that meant to ge installed in Switzerland.

The phenomenon, caused by the First World War ending, had a suffocating economic reflation for a young enterprise. In 1919, taxes became insuperable, so they had to move their production to Switzerland.

Rolex, An Easy Name To Pronounce

However, Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis were not empty-handed. In fact, the search for the name was made by Hans Wilsdorf. From 1905, he was looking for inspiration, watching shops, London streets. He was listening to conversations; making his spirit wandering.

He remembers: “I tried combining the letters of the alphabet in every possible way,” Wilsdorf supposedly said, according to Rolex. “This gave me some hundred names, but none of them felt quite right. One morning, while riding on the upper deck of a horse-drawn omnibus along Cheapside in London, a genie whispered ‘Rolex’ in my ear.”

Logo Rolex

Rolex. Here it is, the name was invented due to his force in 1908. Respecting the form of proto-marketing, Hans Wilsdorf wanted to make the title short, easy-to-pronounce in all languages. An easily memorisable name. And an inscription even more easy to be graved on a dial of his watches to be produced.

Thus, the name Rolex is born. As well as this legend. Many experts are looking for the signification of this name invented wholly by Hans Wilsdorf. But his wife, Betty Wilsdorf, has an answer: “Rolex is a contraction of ‘rolling expert’.”

Rolex Logo: Signify Exceptionality

Now we know the origin and the history of the name Rolex. What rests is to determine and discover the history, the origin, and the significance of the logo. This crown with five branches that seems to be of gold. The precious material for Rolex, as we can learn it here.

An Iconique Crown

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Let’s recall the exact year of introduction of this crown identifying Rolex. Since, in 1925, Wilsdorf and Davis have successfully dropped their logo as an exclusive mark of their watchmaking house. A crown performs as a golden distinction that will be a seal for each creation of Rolex.

As for the significance of the five-branch crown exactly, it may be interpreted differently. Often they say that five branches of the logo symbolize the five letters of Rolex.

We also find out that these five branches are the symbolization of the five fingers of the hand. Rolex, as a house that owes all its know-how and value on the expertise to the craftsmanship.

Finally, there is also the idea that each of these five branches embodies the values of the house. Among them: honor, excellence, and prestige. If one cannot definitively lean towards either of these explanations, one thing is definite. The Rolex logo is so effective that it has remained virtually unchanged. And this, for almost a century.

Rolex Logo: Watches And Exploits

Where lies the strength of a logo… what makes it enter the memory of the public, by being associated with such terms as ‘prestigious’, ‘exceptional’, ‘luxurious’, ‘revolutionary’… What makes the strength of the Rolex logo; therefore, are the human exploits that have made these watches exist.

Rolex Submariner and the use of the marine backgrounds… Rolex Daytona and the speed.

Logo Rolex

Rolex is indeed renowned for its quality, noble, and elegant watches. But also and especially for having put the world of watchmaking complications, especially having accompanied the first crossing of the English Channel, by swimming. Climbing Mount Everest and diving into the abyss at almost 11,000 meters.

The impact of Rolex on the exploits of humanity – this is a very interesting topic that we are developing here broadly. In the meantime, it is crucial to recall how Rolex, before becoming the supplier of objects of desire that we know today, was above all a watchmaking myth built on the birth of revolutions in watchmaking.

Revolutions that have been under the name of Rolex, and the logo that accompanies it, icons synonymous with perfection and precision! Just have a look at how Rolex watches make a bid of vintage.