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Pourquoi tous les yachts accostent-ils au même endroit, et ce depuis des générations ? L’histoire teintée de scandale et imbibée de champagne des destinations phares...

New Goings-On at the Majestic in Cannes

Since 2010 and the opening of the Majestic’s new wing by Diane Barrière, this luxury hotel in Cannes has never ceased to reinvent itself. Not a year goes by without new concepts, new decor, or new partners. In 2017, the Majestic is, in addition to modernizing itself, improving its service offer with a brand new...


The Hotel Barrière Le Westminster

It’s an enormous building on the edge of the English Channel, between England and France. Amid this sand dune and beach grass-filled charm is the unique light of the Opal Coast that lights up its majestic red brick and white stone facade. The Hôtel Barrière Le Westminster gives off a certain air of luxury and...


Chef Mok Stops at the Shangri-La for a Week

It’s the only Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant in France: the Shang Palace and its chef Samuel Lee are hosting the talented Chef Mok Kit Keung for the fourth consecutive year. With 35 years of experience, Chef Mok is a veritable artist who masters Chinese culinary traditions as much as he does the complexities of contemporary Hong...