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Since 2010 and the opening of the Majestic’s new wing by Diane Barrière, this luxury hotel in Cannes has never ceased to reinvent itself. Not a year goes by without new concepts, new decor, or new partners. In 2017, the Majestic is, in addition to modernizing itself, improving its service offer with a brand new restaurant: La Terrasse du Gray, located on the second floor of this 4-star hotel on rue des Serbes. By teaming up Art Deco style with contemporary style, this new terrace benefits from a muted and sublime luxury – for its cuisine, Mediterranean flavors are revisited while Chef Maryan Gandon’s signature dishes, made exclusively with fresh seasonal products, are revealed order after order. Audacious desserts from Chef Pâtissier Michael Durieux make for pairings that are the height of perfection.

The Spa Diane Barrière is also seeing some updates. The Majestic’s wellness center is teaming up with Biologique Recherche, a French laboratory that’s world-renowned for the quality of its skincare products. The Ligne Saint-Barth named after chic destination St. Bart’s offers relaxing skincare products using a base of fruits and transatlantic flowers. The 5-star Cannes hotel is also offering two new prestige suites, adding to its ensemble of rooms that make this spot dedicated to wellness. The rooms appear in a harmony of grey, elegant, and modern shades. With its beach, delicious terrace, and breathtaking views, the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes is assuredly one of the great bearers of the spirit of the Cannes Film Festival.

But this year’s biggest news is the arrival of the PLAY Restaurant & Lounge, one of the most talked-about places in Dubai, announced for July and August. This pop-up restaurant will set up shop within one of the French Riviera hotel’s most prestigious salons. The objective: bring together ambiance, elegance, and experience. Even better, so that the clientele can rediscover all the club spirit that reigns on Sheikh Zayed Road, the salons will be specially arranged so that guests won’t even notice the difference with the original. As for the cuisine, the culinary odyssey that makes the Dubai restaurant so original is doubling down on its intensity and going on a detour through Japan and the U.S. before getting back to the Mediterranean to delight the taste buds with sunny flavors. For after-hours partying, the Play offers a relaxed ambiance perfect for leisure, with resident DJs bringing a welcome freshness on a hot summer night.

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