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Timeless Icons. This is what the Tod’s Fall/Winter 2017 ad campaign is called – a campaign that unites the rebelliousness of the 60s with the downright chic aesthetic of the new collection’s pieces. With the eternal elegance of women like Jean Shrimpton or Jane Birkin, or a toned-down twist of Twiggy, Diego Della Valle’s brand has called out to the magnificence of celebrities that left their mark on the fashion landscape.

These personalities are today brought back into the spotlight upon contact with newcomers in the fashion sphere. The pieces in the double T collection are nothing short of legendary. On these glossy shots, all the natural sophistication of the line’s bags and moccasins are captured for eternity. This attitude is both characteristic and iconic; while it no doubt already speaks to the brand’s acolytes, it will surely also convince others to get on board – since yes, style and quality often fuse to give birth to the fashions of tomorrow. This campaign can be viewed in its entirety starting in September 2016.

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