the D watch by Dior

Designed in 2003 by Victoire de Castellane, the D by Dior quickly established itself with its masculine look and purified forms. Inspired by the 70s, the creative director for Dior Jewelry described it as the timepiece “of a woman who uses a men’s watch to always think of him.” On the front side, the D divulges a simplistic shape and integrates a number of exceptional watchmaking materials; on the reverse side, the watch reveals a more playful style with the presence of noble and eternal gems. The D by Dior incarnates the poetic spirit of the Monsieur, all while revealing his creative audacity through a symbiosis of colors and materials. The D by Dior bears in itself the signature of the feminine universe of Dior fine jewelry.

In 2011, Dior revisited its mythic watch in the form of a subtly graded rainbow. The D by Dior Color is an icon that radiates with a minute choice of stones and the fusion of the colors of each gem. This surprising creation was topped off by a white gold casing equipped with a manually-rewinding Elite movement by Zenith. A rare and precious piece, the D by Dior Color conserves the attributes of the classic watch, uniting a jeweler’s savoir-faire with the elegance of the watchmaker’s craft.

In 2015, the French brand is unveiling three new styles of the Mini D. But this time, Dior is playing with shades of iridescent hues. This timepiece, who’s bezel, crown, and prong buckle are all encrusted with diamonds, is mounted on a stainless steel casing. Victoire de Castellane enchants her creation with playful and romantic reflections. Whatever time it is, whatever hour, second, or lighting conditions, the reverberation of the veal leather bracelets illuminates the wrist with bright feminine bursts of gold, pink, and silver. A technical and artistic collection that gives free reign to creativity.

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