Schiaparelli Couture 2022: The blueprint for surrealist fashion

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Schiaparelli Couture 2022: The blueprint for surrealist fashion

For the Schiaparelli Couture collection, Daniel Roseberry was inspired by Schiaparelli’s own cosmogonic universe…

“Schiaparelli can go really, really chic and modern and pulled back. And then it can go really into the surreal, into the ethereal, into the dramatic and the otherworldly. And then it can also go into the pop culture and into the zeitgeist and into this kind of hard-hitting cultural conversation,” Roseberry noted.

For his new Schiaparelli Couture collection, the current creative director developed the surrealist meaning of Schiaparelli couture, by exploiting the basics of surrealism. Stripped of the shocking pink, skeletons, body parts casts or other lobsters and bugs usually featured on Schiaparelli pieces — this collection showcased the energy of sci-fi-like couture, admirably clean looking.

Nonetheless chic, the more essentialist reinterpretation of the surrealist codes in Schiaparelli couture offered devilishly flamboyant pieces in black, ecru and gold!

A bustier forged in metal… Dresses wrapped in Saturnian rings… A Byzantine cage dress inspired by the rays of the sun… Gold leaves and twirling arabesques around moving bodies… The Schiaparelli Couture 2022 collection prioritized three dimensional pieces in which exaggerated shawl collars, matador jackets, conical breasts and that theatrical sense of fashion have once again been highlighted and magnified.

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