Ritz Paris 2022 : a luxury hotel named desire

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Ritz Paris 2022 : a luxury hotel named desire

Le Ritz Paris 2022 is not just any hotel – it is the first of the luxury hotels through which new standards of luxury have been imposed. Standards which, in the opinion of all, go beyond the hotel and now take the place of an art of living!

Ritz Paris 2022: A Hotel As The Epicentre Of Parisian Glamour And Art Of Living

The Ritz Paris is the work of Caesar Ritz. The man behind the most innovative establishment of his time; the spirit behind the setting of new standards of hospitality. He said: “The best is never too good.

Ritz Paris : A luxury hotel

Opened in 1898, the Ritz is a key establishment in the French art of living. And the luxury hotel , in 2022, has lost none of its chic and luxurious atmosphere.

In 1898, Caesar Ritz commissioned the master silverware maker Christofle and the glassmaker Baccaratto design the tableware for his luxury hotel. Even today, this same taste, this same vision abounds in the opinions of the prestigious guests who stay there.

Ritz Paris : A luxury hotel

Yes, at the Ritz, the grandiose and sumptuous period furniture rubs shoulders with the state-of-the-art technology expected of a hotel of this standing. And even then, the Ritz was the first hotel to offer a telephone line and a bathtub in all its rooms!

Robert Crawshay was right when he said on his visit to Caesar Ritz: “Kings and princes will be jealous of you, Ritz, you will teach the world how we should live.

Ritz Paris : A luxury hotel

On the day of the inauguration, all of Paris’s elite were present to see this epicentre of the French art of living blossom. On the 1st of June 1898, the inauguration brought together the arbiter of fashion, Madame Jules de Porgès, and the apostle of good taste, Boni de Castellane… While Madame Ritz recalls in her memoirs “a small, dark-haired man with a nervous demeanour, almost hiding to observe everyone.”

Ritz Paris : A luxury hotel

This man is none other than Marcel Proust. A young writer who was inspired by the Ritz Paris and its atmosphere for his masterpiece A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu. Proust who, by the way, asked for a cold beer from the Ritz Paris on his deathbed… It is an understatement to say that the service at the Ritz is remembered…

The Ritz Paris 2022 has always been the theatre of the great world. Roland Garros, Sarah Bernhardt, Alberto Santos, who inspired the Cartier watch, Maria Callas… No need to remind you that Coco Chanel lived there for three decades!

The Ritz Paris 2022 inspires, loves, films and… cocktails! It was another writer, Ernest Hemingway, who inspired the Bloody Mary here in the heart of the Parisian establishment… While his manuscript of Paris is a partywas found years later in the basement of the hotel, in a Louis Vuitton trunk.

The Proust Room And The Hemingway Bar

Today, the Salon Proust brings to us this art of living that so inspired Proust – a remarkable service that takes the name of French Tea Time, as orchestrated by François Perret. Voted best restaurant pastry chef in the world in 2019, he recently inaugurated Le Comptoir du Ritzto make the delights of the Ritz Paris 2022 even more accessible… Starting with the Madeleine, and the marble cake!

Ritz Paris: A Patisserie luxery hotel

The other great meeting place at the Ritz is Hemingway’s. During prohibition, the Americans started a cocktail frenzy at the Ritz Bar. And Ernest Hemingway came up with the idea of the Bloody Mary – a way for him to get home quietly after a night of drinking without arousing the suspicions of his wife Mary.

Ritz Paris : Un luxur hotel bar

Today, Colin Peter Field, in charge of mixology at the Ritz bar, is carrying on the legacy of the establishment. And he makes the best martini in the world: the driest, called the Clean Dirty Martini!

“I am looking for the subliminal, the expression of an intense sensation. Like Proust’s famous Madeleine, or Hemingway who drew on Miro’s paintings to write, I use colours and tastes to create something else” Colin Peter Field.

In September 2021, the Ritz Bar inaugurated a new appointment in the Parisian agenda… The hotel of hotels thus proposes to capture the magic of the moment. The idea? The palace has imagined twelve intriguing cocktails, meticulously crafted to respond to the characters, spirit and creativity inherent in the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Among them, Leo – the sign of Coco Chanel, the high priestess of the place – will be flamboyant, Cancer, gallant, and Aries, impetuous… We will then taste these nectars as if we were enjoying the sublime constellations!

Fantasy and esotericism will then meet the Haute Mixologie of the Ritz Bar – while the menu will brighten up the senses even more with almost 40 references of spirits and tapas to share…

Ritz Paris 2022 : The Swordfish Restaurant

But where the Ritz Paris 2022 has made the reputation of the French art of living, it is around gastronomy. But where the Ritz Paris 2022 has made the reputation of the French art of living, it is around gastronomy. The legendary Chef Auguste Escoffier, a pioneer of French gastronomy, codified Haute Cuisine at the helm of the restaurant l’Espadon.

He who liked to say “the best dishes are very simple” is behind some iconic dishes of French cuisine. Like Crêpe Suzette, named after a friend of Edouard VII; Peach Melba, named after the Australian singer… Everyone agrees that these same dishes are part of the world’s culinary heritage.

Today, this mythical restaurant l’Espadon is in good hands, with the Chef Eugénie Béziat. 2 stars and an exceptional know-how; more than tasty, definitely ritzy!

Ritz Paris: Legendary Spa and Pool

And since Paris is also about beauty and well-being… With the French company Biologique Recherche, The Ritz offers its know-how in a spa where beauty meets science… in the heart of this haven of taste and chic that is the Place Vendôme hotel!

The epitome of good taste and Parisian luxury, the Ritz Club spa inspires, relaxes and offers a dive into the very core of one of the most pleasant places in the world! The luxury and atmosphere of the Ritz Paris 2022 has always inspired artists. this was true for Ernest Hemmingway, Coco Chanel and especially Marcel Proust.

Ritz Paris: A Patisserie luxery hotel

A dive into the hands of the very skilled masseurs… Or into the legendary pool of the Ritz, with that very special Celadon blue. This is a great way to take ownership of this prestigious past.