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  • Baccarat- Hartcourt 1841 verre

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    A line borrowed to the sublime, transparency inspired from the divine: Harcourt glass embedded the flower of luxury craft, the perfection of an iconic chalice. Created in 1841 under the reign of Louis-Philippe, this ” triple gondola button shape” has made the history of culinary art.

    Name of the product: Hartcourt 1841 verre

    Name of the brand : Baccarat

    Description : Thanks to its perfect shapes resting on its hexagonal foot and its sic facets capturing the brilliance of light, Harcourt transforms every event into an elegant and refined celebration.

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  • Baccarat

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    A name that echoes as the luxury acme- Baccarat is a story that goes back almost 260 years ago, and as much how-know continues in the hands of its craftsman. A little-known story that this book reveals admirably.

    Author : Jean-Louis Curtis

    Publishing House : Éditions du Regard

    Release date : december 1991

    This book recounts the history of a society in which the main worry has always been the demand for very high quality, whether it be the comfort of glassmakers, the invention of shapes, or crystal perfection.

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