Parisian Gastronomic Restaurants to Try for Two

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Parisian Gastronomic Restaurants to Try for Two

What gastronomic restaurants in Paris should you try out? The recipe for the perfect evening is written in these luxurious pinnacles of the French art of living.

The world of luxury is explored through gastronomy, so Icon-Icon has hand selected Parisian restaurants that rival each other in creativity and are at the peak of their gastronomic craft.

Michelin-star restaurants, known worldwide for their exceptional gastronomy, are always more special when experienced with somebody. Fantastic tables, a culinary experience that will delight your taste buds all while accompanied with a chic atmosphere.

If you are looking to take a real trip back in time, and not just any time, go to the Pré-Catelan. This Belle Époque landmark impresses with its incredible cuisine, prepared by Chef Frédéric Anton. With 3 stars and just as many exceptional taste sensations, this experience is to be had in the heart of this magnificent restaurant.

L’Arpège is another iconic gastronomic restaurant in the capital! This restaurant was the centre of the last great gastronomic revolution – a revolution led by the formidable Chef Alain Passard. This gastronomic restaurant experiments with a new style of cuisine – since 2002, Alain Passard abandoned red meat in favour of vegetables.

This three-star chef recognised by his peers in the 2019 Chef’s Choice Award by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, orchestrates haute cuisine at L’Arpège centred around vegetables. Creative and radical, the experience brings unexpected flavours and textures to the fore.

For those that enjoy seasonal ingredients together will love Chef Guy Savoy’s cuisine.

The Chef who transforms seasonal ingredients into pure bliss has been operating from the kitchens of the Monnaie de Paris since 1980 – he was awarded 3 stars for his signature artichoke soup with black truffle among many others! Divine! Divine…

On the subject of divine food – here is a gastronomic restaurant that lives up to its name. At L’Ambroisie you can enjoy Chef Bernard Pacaud’s three-star cuisine. Dishes that are on par with the food of the gods. Here you can enjoy exceptional cuisine in a friendly environment. And what exactly is the signature dish? The pie, perfection!

Now for a pioneering destination of French gastronomy. This historic three-star restaurant, Alléno Paris, is situated in the Pavillon Ledoyen settled just by the Champs-Elysées.

Alléno Paris
©Sebastian Mittermeir

This restaurant has been the gastronomic destination since the French Revolution, here Chef Yannick Alleno focuses on sensory cuisine, highlighting what he considers to be the cornerstone of great gastronomy – the sauces!

Yannick Alleno at the Salon Gastronomique

Are you in an extravagant mood? Then try this unparalleled gastronomic restaurant which is so well named, with somebody special.

L’Épicure at the Bristol Paris. In the words of Chef Eric Frechon, spoken almost two decades after he took the reins of this French art of the living restaurant, L’Épicure au Bristol Paris, tells the story of the nature of his brilliant cuisine: “It is an exceptional house with a real family spirit, true values of loyalty and an air of quintessential luxury in simplicity. This is where I was able to develop my cooking”. For his three Michelin stars he went searching for his grail of cuisine as soon as he arrived in 1999, however, despite the legend and reputation of the Épicure au Bristol it has never been honoured with stars.

Are you looking for an utterly delightful gastronomic experience which is enhanced with food and wine pairings?

Le Cinq by Christian Le Squer offers a taste of the finest French cuisine, in a combination with the rarest wines selected by the award-winning Head Sommelier Eric Beaumard.

The Pierre Gagnaire restaurant is a gastronomic restaurant that has further enhanced Paris’ reputation as the epicentre of refined taste. Assembling dishes that have never been seen anywhere else, Pierre Gagnaire pushes the boundaries of what is possible! The gastronomic signature offered by Pierre Gagnaire can be summed up in one word: experimentation.

This is where all the emotions of his cuisine reside: in the controlled fantasy of his extremely high-quality dishes.

To dine at the Pierre Gagnaire is like going to the opera or the theatre – to discover the unexpected. And the unexpected here is all about unbelievable tastes and gastronomic flourishes and delights that are far from ordinary!

Are you looking for a gastronomic experience that merges flavours and cultures to surprise and delight your palate? If so, head to the Kei restaurant. Using imaginative combinations of flavours and innovative cooking techniques – Chef Kei Kobayashi blends the refined traditions of French gastronomy with the elevated delights of Japanese cuisine into a perfect harmony to form imaginative flavour combinations with innovative cooking techniques.

This is how much fun, escapism and discovery awaits you – and it’s even more fun when done together!

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