Iconic Destinations: Great Escapist Books

Iconic Destinations: Great Escapist Books

To revive your desire to travel, Icon-Icon introduces a selection of great books that distill from the magic of iconic destinations-to prepare his journey to the ecstatic!

Magnificant destinations with astonishing landscapes… What lies behind this iconic destination? How does the beauty of a place inspire generations of artists, muses, and fashion designers? How do photographs of these landscapes perform in the ideal Dloce Vita?

Destinations Iconiques

Icon-Icon offers you these wonderful books with photos of these landscapes that are shown on attractive pages, the dreamed history of destinations that became inescapable! The soles of esthetes are ready to accept the invitation for a voyage — as these great books reveal all places around the globe where the mind turns off to let the senses thrive.

Destinations iconiques

As these destinations mix culture, history, legendary people, jet-set legend, experiencing admiring as well as being part of it — the unique experiences from Riviera on the Amalfi Coast passing through Palm Beach, Latine America, Cuba, and South Africa are even more striking when you know how they appeared!

Nice Books To Discover or Open Up This Iconique Destinations…

Icon-Icon has collected the most beautiful books spinning, in their pages, the experience of these iconic destinations! As Victor Hugo put it: “Reading is traveling, traveling is reading.”

Then, behind these beautiful books, we trace the whole tradition of travel, luxurious and rich in aesthetic shocks… Beautiful books like those published by the house of Louis Vuitton, with its Fashion Eye series. From Orient Express by Sarah Moon to Berlin dans l’oeil by Peter Lindbergh, including Saint-Tropez – we understand better the natural connection among Louis Vuitton, its legendary bags, and its destinations!

Destinations iconiques

Speaking about Saint Tropez, the icon forever of jet-set… is the blossoming destination itself, no doubt! Paul Signac made a canvas of it. The New Vague is indeed a muse. Brigitte Bardot made it a myth.

Destinations iconiques

Another publisher that has made glossy paper to serve as an ideal vector of travel inspiration— the house of Assouline! With its series of beautiful books dedicated to iconic destinations and those in the making, the publishing house tickles the desire to go to these inspiring countries.

Destinations iconiques

We dive into these pages with joy that are voiced by Ibiza. Former hippie’s phantasmagoria, which has become the undisputed mecca of jet-setting. Telluric energy, the fruit of a cultural and ethnic mix and match as there are some … Ibiza has alternately electrified the 60s, magnetized artists by its vibrations; then galvanized clubbers of the 90s!

We also find out the era of tourism of Mykonos — who owe a lot to Jackie Kennedy. As Jacky became once Jackie Onassis, who made the beach style of Capri, then of Mykonos her favorite destination. She initiates Dolce Vita all over Greece wearing Liontis sandals – golden and decorated with olive leaves, she became a muse and a model.

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A decade ago, it is liberty and breathtaking scenery that made Mykonos a fashion favorite. Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino in particular… They go off their head in the iconic club of the epoch, Piero’s. Even today, the island outgoes Ibiza when Scorpios or Cavo Paradiso attract single-handedly attract international DJs, as well as important people. And now even more than before, the jet-set finds this recklessness in Mykonos that has become very rare!

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Portofino? “A small village, Portofino, stretches crescent-shaped along the edge of this calm bay.” The words of Guy de Maupassant reflect the finesse and the enchantment of Portofino. A small village became a resort for the jet-set — a story of love, friendship, and pleasure that managed to attract some illustrious visitors. The friendship, first. When a famous actor of My Fair Lady, Rex Harrison, discovered Portofino he acquired an estate there and soon invited his friends. Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Truman Capote, Maria Callas et Aristote Onassis.

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Dalida still signs this destination; a place where reigns a divine light and a wonderful aura. Portofino, this ancient fishing village nestled in the heart of the Riviera, about which is told in a beautiful book, which is echoed by Icon-Icon in its shop.

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In the shop, you may find books and destinations that were deliberately selected — in order to explain the link between fashion, luxe, and emblematic people of the international culture.

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We owe to these unic and magical places which have managed to inspire aesthetic visions to couturiers, artists, painters, actresses, and other aesthetes! Here are their destinations which have been revealed in great books to get lost… Metaphorically, of course, before you sail in search of the same epiphany!