Exclusive Perfumes to Put Under the Tree in 2021

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Exclusive Perfumes to Put Under the Tree in 2021

The exclusive fragrances create a unique trail – a trail of elegance and sophistication that leaves the wearer with an ineffable memory. Icon-Icon has thus brought together the exclusive perfumes of the most beautiful houses, to put under the tree in 2021!

Exclusive Perfumes: Rare And Inspiring Bottles

The world of perfume has its icons and its exclusive…Scents made from rare natural materials or, on the contrary, daring juices using the latest advances in chemistry to give meaning to olfactory memories… Noses and perfumers have the gift of distilling a bottle of fragrances. inspiring art.

Better still, they sometimes manage to translate fantasized visions into olfactory compositions – visions that ultimately take shape in the refinement of the wearer. What exclusive fragrances are we talking about exactly?

Fragrances often signed by the great Parisian houses.

Starting with the Louis Vuitton house. With its Les Extraits de Parfum collection, the house with the iconic monogram offers an even more luxurious vision of perfume. Once again raising the art of perfumery to the rank of a work of art, sensory at all levels.

“I wanted to go where no one else goes. Reinvent the notion of extract by being contemporary. Putting light, stretching the material, lightening. Destructure the very architecture of perfume. This is how the Collection of Extracts was born: five fragrances with no top, middle or base notes. To reveal in everyone, the quintessence of each family ”specifies Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the master perfumer of Louis Vuitton.

Five scents, therefore, like so many rare and exclusive olfactory proposals… Dancing Blossom, Cosmic Cloud, Rhapsody, Symphony, Stellar Times offer scents that hold an aura.

And it’s in very special bottles that these juices come in. Bottles whose cabochon by architect Frank Gehry – dazzling, beautiful and daring!

“I wanted to approach the project from a sculptural point of view. Bring something different to the perfume. It’s not a finite geometric shape, it’s just a movement. A visual movement with the added bonus of this ephemeral side ”confided Frank Gehry.

The Hermessence Collection, Exclusive Perfumes by Hermès

Here again is the Hermès house which, with La Collection Hermessence, distils in perfumes of very great nobility the quintessence of its allure, and of its impeccable know-how!

The values ​​of heritage and craftsmanship are the beating heart of the House of Hermès, as much as poetry and never outrageous refinement. The noses Jean-Claude Ellena then Christine Nagel thus composed Hermessence perfumes like so many olfactory poems guided by the creative freedom of this extraordinary house.

Poems with even more inspiring names … Rose Ibekana, Agar Ebène, Osmanthe Yunnan, Brin de Licorice, Amber Narguilé or Cuir D’Ange are just a few of the wonders that make up this collection of exclusive fragrances. Rare, stimulating, elegant and inevitably daring.

Hermès’s prestige is measured here by the olfactory creations that float in the air like a charming, delicate and bewitching trail.

The Exclusives of Chanel

In this marvelous and inspiring world of perfume, there is one more name that resonates particularly… that of the house of Chanel.

With its Les Exclusifs collection, the house of Chanel distills the exception, in bottles that capture the ineffable that is Chanel chic. From the impact of Russian culture on Gabrielle Chanel’s couture… An impact transcribed in the very Byzantine perfume, Cuir de Russie. Passing through Jersey, Coromandel and 31 Rue Cambon … Each of these fragrances tells the story of the dazzling sensation that a place, a material, a date or an object aroused in Coco Chanel.

Like Beige. This beige is now intrinsically linked to the icons of the house – starting with the two-tone shoes imagined in 1957 by the house. This beige that dresses or punctuates the overt couture of Coco Chanel – this beige says Beige Chanel is more for Coco … “I take refuge in beige because it’s natural” Gabrielle Chanel liked to say.

This Beige, a perfume that now sits at the rank of icon in the collection of this perfumery signed with the precious know-how of a definitely timeless house!

The Private Collection Christian Dior

Another emblematic house of fine perfumery is the Dior house. And it is with the Private Christian Dior collection that she expresses her most grandiose vision of the art of perfumery.

An invitation to share a love of perfume and beautiful materials … Each bottle opens onto a luminous and powerful signature, which itself opens onto an imaginary as refined as possible!

Christian Dior himself had this poetic phrase: “a drop of perfume, and you are dressed in Dior.” “

Behind this exclusive line, we find the perfumer-creator of the house, François Demachy. And among the rare and inspiring bottles in this collection, two additions are particularly noteworthy.

The first is an olfactory ode to the evocative power and sensuality of vanilla. Called Vanilla Diorama, it is an exclusive fragrance that captures with serene immediacy the quality and the sublime of the materials used by François Demachy.

The second is named after a legendary jet set location, whose images of Slim Aarons convey all the glamor. Eden-Roc, the palace on the Riviera which has welcomed the greatest painters and artists of the century, as well as the film stars on a spree!

“I composed eden-roc by imagining an arrival by sea. The salt, the sun, the clear rock, the lush vegetation … Its wake is an olfactory image of this cape with its exceptional location. The accords are expressed there to tell the story of the Mediterranean: sea scents, flowers and citrus fruits, aromatic scents and maritime pines … Eden-Roc is a myth, of luxury and oxygen, of extreme refinement as well as exquisite simplicity. A perfume is alive when worn. A place if it is inhabited. So, let’s wish Eden-Roc a very long life ”, confides François Demachy.

It is true that its exclusive fragrance captures all the atmosphere of this enchanting place, and the cachet of the surrounding landscape!

Rimbaud, Les Vers Olfactifs signed Celine Haute Parfumerie

The latest addition to the precious collection of Haute Parfumerie Celine, the Rimbaud perfume, composed by Hedi Slimane as a reminiscence of Arthur Rimbaud’s poetic brilliance.

A precious juice like an intimate memory, then, of which Hedi Slimane recounts: “At 14, after classes, my friends and I recited Dormeur du Valde Rimbaud, lying on the grass, before plunging body and soul into Les Illuminations.

Like others before and after us, we were fascinated by the fragility and grace of the young poet and felt his torments as if they were our own. […] I have always wanted to create a fragrance that evokes utopia, the very essence of youth. […] I have chosen delicate, introverted accords, a form of fragility, suspended, out of time, flower-like. “

Rimbaud is thus an elegant and subtle fragrance – a composition which, around lavender, neroli, iris butter and notes of musk and vanilla, sings of the grace and saving naivety of youth!

A perfume of Haute Parfumerie which, too, is distilled in a bottle of character, again imagined by Hedi Slimane.

The Garden of the Alchemist Gucci

The Alchemist’s Garden A Gloaming Night… The house of Gucci is publishing here a new opus from its collection of exclusive fragrances, nicely called Alchemist’s Garden.

Capturing the quintessence of Alessandro Michele’s imagination, master perfumer Alberto Morillas sought to bottle the spell of this fleeting, ephemeral but so inspiring moment that is the end of the day between dusk and nightfall …

An exclusive fragrance, it lets you immerse yourself in the splendor of the hues that take on the horizon – these pinks, mauves, peaches and reds that overwhelm everyone’s soul now have their olfactory essence!

A unique aroma, and an even more dreamlike vision – the Garden of the Alchemist A Gloaming Night fragrance is a scent with strong evocation!

Finally, if some are looking for a trail that is a little less exclusive but just as powerful… The new fragrance Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali offers the most intense and addictive notes. For a more aerial, even frosty vision, the new Moncler perfumes for Men and Women bring aromatic woods to the skies! Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy also gives a sophisticated juice with a heavy and intriguing trail. An ode to deep and masculine sensuality … A daring fragrance that is also Paco Rabanne Phantom. A juice opening with hesperidic notes; an essence fueled by vibrant energies… All slipped into a revolutionary design bottle made of chrome, metal and black.