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This is an iconic fragrance transformed into a body oil. Chanel has introduced a brand new version of its signature scent for the holidays. This oil delicately reinterprets all the sensuality and boldness of N°5, a perfume created more than a century ago that still somehow remains as current as ever. Dry with a silky texture, N°5 body oil leaves the skin fresh, supple, and scented as if it there were nothing to it.

In a new spray form for easy, uniform application, N°5 body oil boasts a silky harmony of rose and jasmine – the same formula as for the original N°5 perfume. A delicate and refined expression of the perfume’s floral bouquet, this is bound to be a winning gift that will no doubt awaken the senses of any beauty that makes it her own, sensually diffusing itself all the while. This body oil becomes complete as it perfects and nourishes the body like never before on the skin, hair, and nails. The iconic fragrance subtly diffuses like an invitation to repose. Available exclusively in Chanel boutiques, for a limited time only.

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