Champagne Sabrage with Le Bateur du Shangri-La Paris

Champagne Sabrage with Le Bateur du Shangri-La Paris

In the Shangri-Paris every day at 7pm champagne is served celebrating a historical technique, and of course to get drunk on the most iconic champagnes!

At Shangri-La Paris you can enjoy: Veuve Clicquot, Dom Pérignon and Laurent – Perrier

Crack open a bottle of champagne! In the heart of this Parisian palace, nestled in the former private mansion of Prince Roland Bonaparte, the great-nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, we celebrate a historical technique that is all about the art of living.

We owe the circulation of the Sabrage technique to Napoleon himself, and all you have to do to see this tradition take place is walk through the Shangri-La Paris doors, any day at 7pm. This demonstration happens in the Lounges, more specifically the Bar Botaniste, the cocktail and champagne bar of the Shangri-La Paris.

champagne bar shangri-la paris

Like the perfect combination of the Asian art of entertainment and the French art of living, the palace is settled in a French architectural jewel dating all the back to the 19th century.

Listed as a historical monument as the former billiard room, smoking room and waiting room of Prince Roland Bonaparte, the Lounges are a part of this legacy and are just as chic as they are impressive.

In the Napoleonic era, after every victory, the hussars also known as Napoleon Bonaparte’s cavalrymen would open their bottles of champagne in a truly iconic way. A method called “à la hussarde”, but better known as “sabrer le champagne”.

Using this technique, the hussar would slice the neck of the bottle with their sword. In 2022, the tradition lives on in the very heart of the Shangri-La Paris, a symbolic place for the Napoleon family!

So, what do we crack open every day of the week at 7pm? Only the most iconic champagnes of course!

At the Shangri-Paris you can drink Veuve Clicquot, Bollinger, Laurent-Perrier, Dom Pérignon, Duval-Leroy or Krug, in an environment that reveres in the French art of living.

Although the Sabrage demonstration takes place at 7pm, the champagne bar welcomes connoisseurs, party goers and socialites from 2pm to 10pm.

Furthermore, as the Shangri-La Paris is such a delightful and elegant spot, aperitifs are offered from 6pm. Dim sum, mini croque-monsieur with black truffle, tempura torpedo prawns, as well as cold dishes and a selection of caviar from Kaviari Paris can all be found on the menu!

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