The Two-Tone Chanel Ballet Flat Spring-Summer 2017

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The future is complex, or at least it may look that way to novices. No matter though, for Karl Lagerfeld has chosen to bring Chanel into the universe 2.0. In Gabrielle’s modernity, inspiration and influence came from everything around her; Karl’s post-modernity plunges his creations into a different approach… The proof is this two-tone shoe from the double-C brand.

Coco took inspiration from the sands of Deauville – while on holiday, Chanel introduced a two-tone shoe where the sands of the beach would yield a specific color punctuated by a chic black tip. For Spring/Summer 2017, Lagerfeld’s collection for Chanel “isn’t a retrospective, it’s a vision of the current world. We depend on it. Imagine your life without a telephone… The next step is artificial intelligence and robots,” explains the Kaiser. And so, walking in silver ballet flats still punctuated by a black tip, the Chanel woman transforms into an energized urbanite on a quest for progress – and yet, this woman never loses touch with the brand’s heritage…

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