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2009: Christopher Bailey sets out to reinstate the codes of English style in Thomas Burberry’s creations: a sense of contradiction, and opposites that attract. Then worn by the consecration of street style, the creative director introduced technology to tradition: the experience of a proverbial appropriation became the reason forThe Art of the Trench’s rhyme. When it’s not ordering portraits of notable personalities from pioneer Scott Schuman, the label is opening its doors to Mr. and Mrs. Everybody to what would become in only four years one of the biggest collections of style photos. Sweeping through a succession of aesthetic viewpoints all inspired by the same piece, The Art of the Trench depicts tastefulness in a multicultural dimension. The shots will be displayed before year’s end in Seoul, Kiev, Istanbul, and Paris. In Paris, its arrival will also mark the launch of the capsule collection Burberry Loves Printemps, as part of the Parisian department store’s “London Mania” event. Customers will be able to slip on a trench and have their picture taken as well.
These “Lords of the street” are also Chinese; you almost have to read the exhibit, taking place in Shanghai starting August 27th, as a living documentary on the trenchcoat and the people that wear it. Action shots by photographer Trunk Xu will spread out through two installations set up in each of Burberry’s two Shanghai boutiques,; with their tastefulness, beauty, and style, everyday people and illustrious personalities alike are reinventing how to wear this 100 year old piece. Just for the occasion, the brand’s ambassador – Cara Delevingne – will be making an appearance. Descended from army uniforms, then from the runways, the trenchcoat is now getting photographed exclusively on the sidewalk.

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