The Red Translucent Valentino Haute Couture Dress 2017

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Valentino has long worked with the delicateness of fabrics and the fluidity of movement. In their quest for perfection, the brand has already highlighted the creation of contemporary legends tinged with ancient inspirations. Red, the favored color of the latest Emperor of Fashion, has long been able to win over women on a quest for mastered sensuality. Muses of the Renaissance, poetesses and Shakespearian heroines, Valentino women are sleek Empresses soaked in Italian character. Never before has a couture collection from Valentino transcribed with such excellence the founder’s primary inspiration: long, languid, and moderate, the walk and the wear perfectly in step, there is strength in this couture vocabulary that goes back to the basics of the exercise.

The entire collection seems to bear invisible traces of haute couture within it – the excessively worked compositions are whispered here. Long translucent dresses come one after the other, but it’s the one tinged in Valentino red that grabs the attention. Naturally, such purity must have required superhuman efforts with the quivering of fabrics brushing up against a complex mixture of singlet and silk, braids and pleats… But the cloth itself said little: light, with mystique, the Valentino woman becomes exquisite. As sublime as it is dramatic, this piece defends a breed of discreet nobility with a mutinous cut and a dream as big as it is demanding.

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