Cognac Camus : La Cuvée Légion d’Honneur

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Cognac Camus : La Cuvée Légion d’Honneur

The illustrious house of Camus unveils the Cuvée Légion d’Honneur – a very special line of cognacs, which cherishes the values of transmission, grandeur and prestige!

Cognac Camus : La Cuvée Légion d’Honneur, a masterful vintage

Since 1863, five generations of the Camus family have ensured the impeccable composition of these timeless cognacs. And this time, the Camus family has put its savoir-faire at the service of an even more special cuvée – the Legion of Honour cuvée!

The Legion of Honour, the highest national distinction, shines in France and throughout the world thanks to the excellence of those who are decorated. However, its prestige and vitality are also due to the development of its rich heritage: buildings, works of art, archives. If this heritage “built up over the centuries has come down to us, it is undeniably thanks to the generosity of patrons who are attached to our institution, as is the case today with Cognacs Camus”, explains Army General Benoît Puga, Great Chancellor of the Legion of Honour.

Respect for tradition and innovation – these are two values common to the great French tradition of the Legion of Honour. The Camus family is itself linked to this tradition. Three times, France has recognised the involvement of the House of Camus in the international influence of its culture. First, in 1927, Edmond Camus was made a Knight of the Legion of Honour. A decoration which rewards his involvement and his commitment to the service of the family business, the cognac world, French exports and his fellow citizens…

Then in 1982, when Michel Camus was decorated for his talents as a businessman and his defence of the interests of the cognac industry throughout the world! In 2017, finally, with the knighthood of Cyril Camus, currently at the head of the house of the same name. He underlines, not without poetry: “Becoming a knight of the Legion of Honour is the immense pleasure of being recognised for his contribution to the values of France. It is the materialization, through a man or a woman, of the importance of the work of a whole community formed around a common goal. It is also, and above all, the most beautiful invitation to proudly carry the values of the country throughout the world and to make them shine.

In this Legion of Honour cuvée, it is all the greatness of France, its traditions, its soil and its symbols that the Camus house has managed to bottle. A bottle that is all the more special because it is made from a craft that has been revered by France for centuries.

The Camus house retailer… ” In the purest tradition of the art of lacquerware, born in China and Japan 5,000 years ago, the black box is protected by a red leather jacket, embossed with the interlacing of oak and laurel leaves, emblem of the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honour. The emblem of the Grand Chancellery, cast in platinum, is inscribed on the body while the collar is tied with a precious red braid…

The Camus cognac distilled in honour of France’s highest distinction is presented in a refined and harmonious bottle. The bottle itself is inspired by the bottle from which the most singular eaux-de-vie are taken to distil this Legion of Honour cuvée.

Yes, because Camus has taken the exquisite cognac of the Légion d’Honneur Private Collection series from the most sought-after eaux-de-vie in its repertoire. These include the exceptional Borderies, the signature of the intensity, expression and noble enjoyment known to the Camus cognacs. And it was Cellar Master Julie Landreau who selected this Extra Cognac for this Legion of Honour blend!

And since the House of Camus likes to make gestures that are as exquisite as they are elegant – 25% of the revenue received will go to the Grand Chancellery. In this way, Cognacs Camus intends to support the projects of this great institution, which for 220 years has embodied the beautiful values of France.

Another gesture in keeping with the sublime nature of this collection – each purchaser of the Legion of Honour Private Collection will have the possibility of having his or her first name and surname inscribed on the leather scabbard, as well as, for members of the Order of the Legion of Honour, the rank or dignity and the date of appointment, promotion or elevation.

A great way to enjoy the typically French splendour of this exceptional vintage!