Camus Borderies X.O Single Estate

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Founded in 1863, The Camus brand is renowned for the extremely rich aromas of its cognacs, of which the Camus Borderie X.O is the most iconic iteration. A cognac that owes its exceptionality of its designation to the raisins used for its assembly; raisins form the rarest and smallest AOC vintage: the Borderies.

Name of the Product : Borderies X.O Single Estate

Brand : Camus

Description :

Nose: Rich and complex aromas with a perfect balance between the floral and fruity notes mixed with gourmet notes of pastries and vanilla.

Palate: Powerful, rich and creamy with a particularly velvety texture revealing the intense aromas of pastries, subtle spicy notes, cinnamon and dried fruits.

Finish: Floral lasting hints with delicate violet notes.