Or Rouge crème

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Yves Saint Laurent has drawn many of his inspirations from Morocco, especially in his talisman city, Marrakesh. This product contains a precious skin-protecting ingredient that is dubbed red gold: saffron. The red saffron pistils, lodged inside the purple crocus sativus flowers, have thus been identified as a key ingredient of skincare. 

Name of the product : Or Rouge crème

Brand : Yves Saint-Laurent

Description : Discover the precise and targeted anti-aging science of Or Rouge which works deep on the skin’s surface to fight the 11 visible signs of aging. The prestige collection unveils an extraordinary innovation with the renovation of five iconic products, now more concentrated in the precious saffron pistil for accelerated renewal. Remastered with pure and efficient ingredients, the range is 100% formulated without parabens, mineral oil and sulphates. Refurbished in an elegant and couture design that has received the highly respected recognition of responsible luxury, experience the true luxury of the Or Rouge collection like never before.