All XO (Extra Old) cognacs are special in their own way. As they are Extra Old, meaning the sherry blends that compose them are each at least ten years old, they are naturally refined and sophisticated.

Icon-Icon’s selection offers to discover the best XO Cognacs, renowned for being genuine elixirs, as they are all born from extraordinary expertises. Expertises that are transmitted from one master blender to another.

How does one recognise a great cognac? One of the determining factors that forges a cognac’s sought after complexity is the ageing process in double distillating oak casks: it’s every cognac’s signature.

Among the houses that make the world’s best cognacs, Icon-Icon has selected the most interesting XOs; spirits that have been assembled by legendary houses such as Rémy Martin, Hennessy, Courvoisier and Camus.

Hennessy; the name itself is a reference in terms of cognacs. Imagined by Maurice Hennessy, its cognac is an aromatic symphony; composed from a hundred different sherries, and originally imagined exclusively for Maurice Hennessy’s inner circle in 1870, Hennessy’s XO has pioneered a new style of cognacs, full, rich and complex. Its secret is the ten year long ageing process of each and every sherry used in the final blend.

Founded in 1863, Camus is renowned for the extreme aromatic richness of its cognacs, of which the Camus Borderies X.O is the iconic expression; a cognac that owes the exceptionality of its variety to the grapes that are used for its assembly. Raisins that are sourced in the smallest and rarest of AOC vintages, the Borderies.

Upholding some of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Borderies’ oldest sherries, Courvoisier’s XO offers a honeyed floral bouquet, underlined by notes of violet. Its mouth is both velvety and silky. It’s no surprise that it seduced Emperor Napoléon the 1st!

Rémy Martin’s icon is exquisite; it’s born from the assembly of 1200 different sherries, each one having been aged between 40 years and a century. André Giraud, the master cellar at Rémy Martin, elaborated it as a homage to the three century long union between Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Its name? Rémy Martin XO Excellence.

Eminently renowned, the Grande Champagne Cognac variety seals the complexity and superbness of Tesseron’s Lot 53 X.O Perfection Cognac Grand Champagne.

But where is this “Lot” mention coming from? It’s directly linked to the rich history of the family vineyard established in 1850 which we owe this cognac to.

Since 1905, the sherries produced on Tesseron’s vineyards are no longer sold to other Cognac houses, rather they are assembled and bottled by their very producer itself. Hence the “Lot” mention; it’s a signature of the brand’s expertise. Icon-Icon has included in its selection the 28th lot of Tesseron’s iconic spirit, as it’s the icon of the brand’s collection. More precisely, it’s a unique assembly of Grande Champagne Cognacs, many of which are part of the best, oldest and rarest stock Tesseron has to offer, some dating back to the 1920s!

There you have it, Icon-Icon’s recommendations for the best possible XO cognac cabinet.

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  • Camus Borderies X.O Single Estate

    Borderies XO
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    Founded in 1863, The Camus brand is renowned for the extremely rich aromas of its cognacs, of which the Camus Borderie X.O is the most iconic iteration. A cognac that owes its exceptionality of its designation to the raisins used for its assembly; raisins form the rarest and smallest AOC vintage: the Borderies.

    Name of the Product : Borderies X.O Single Estate

    Brand : Camus

    Description :

    Nose: Rich and complex aromas with a perfect balance between the floral and fruity notes mixed with gourmet notes of pastries and vanilla.

    Palate: Powerful, rich and creamy with a particularly velvety texture revealing the intense aromas of pastries, subtle spicy notes, cinnamon and dried fruits.

    Finish: Floral lasting hints with delicate violet notes.

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  • Hennessy X.O

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    The name itself is a reference in matters of cognac. Imagined by Maurice Hennessy, Hennessy’s cognac is a symphony of aromas; made from a hundred different brandies, Hennessy’s XO cognac reveals a deep facet of the world famous spirit.

    Name of the Product : Hennessy X.O

    Brand : Hennessy

    Description : Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 for his circle of friends, X.O introduced a new style of cognac: bold, rich and complex. The 100 eaux-de-vie assembled to create X.O have been aged for a long time to give unparalleled robustness. Maurice Hennessy gave the name X.O to this unique “extra old” cognac. Both deep and powerful, its character appeals to connoisseurs, who appreciate its undeniable modernity and the constant revelation of layers of flavors.

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  • Martell X.O

    Martell X.O
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    In 1715, the Martell distillery inaugurated a new bold era in cognac production; to the image of its arched bottle, Martell’s XO is a charismatic cognac, whose prestigious brandies were sourced in the Grande Champagne region. Back to its bottle, the brand says it symbolises a “noble and distinguished character, a global elevation of thought.”.

    Name of the Product : Cognac Martell X.O

    Brand : Martell

    Description : Signed Jean Martell, named after its founder, Martell XO (Extra Old) is one of the latest innovations in the range, offered since 2005 by the famous cellar master Bruno Lemoine.

    Round and fruity, with a silky and long finish, this cognac, particularly rich in eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, displays its finesse and star elegance on all occasions.

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  • Tesseron Lot n°29 X.O

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    It’s the star of the Tesseron collection; a unique blend of legendary Grande Champagne Cognacs, many of which were pulled out of Tesseron’s rarest and oldest stock, dating back to a century ago!

    Name of the Product : Tesseron Lot n°29 X.O

    Brand : Tesseron

    Description : Pièce rare de la collection Cognac Tesseron, assemblage unique du cru mythique de Grande Champagne.Tout en puissance et en finesse, il possède un nez aux notes florales associées à des arômes de cacao et de moka, pour une sensation indéfinissable et sublime que seuls les meilleurs cognacs peuvent procurer. Cet élixir complexe d’une longueur inégalée laisse ses reflets ambrés traduire sa très lente maturation.Un véritable concentré d’élégance.

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  • Remy Martin XO Excellence

    Remy Martin Excellence XO
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    Remy Martin’s icon is exquisite; it’s born from the mixing of 1200 different brandies, aged between 40 and 100 years old! The cellar master, André Giraud has decided to give a homage to the three century old union between Grande and Petite Champagne.Thus was created the Remy Martin X.O Excellence.

    Name of the Product : Remy Martin X.O Excellence

    Brand : Remy Martin

    Description : Rémy Martin XO Excellence, a cognac with superior aromatic richness, made from eaux-de-vie from Petite and Grande Champagne (15% & 85%) aged 10 to 37 years, reveals sumptuous aromas of fig, jasmine and cinnamon for a velvety texture and a unique feel.

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  • Frapin X.O VIP

    Frapin VIP XO
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    An exceptional X.O that you do not want to miss. Characterised by Frapin’s ancient 20 generation strong expertise dating back to 1270, it offers an eloquent, soft and rich taste with all the aromas that make Grand Champagne cognacs so special. 

    Name of the Product : X.O VIP

    Brand : Frapin

    Description : The power in the mouth surprises the taster. The VIP .XO offers an anthology of flavors, revealing in turn notes of chocolate, dried fruit, candied fruit, gingerbread … the expression is sophisticated, complex, deep, without ever losing the original freshness of the fruit. This exceptional cognac reaches its balance after long aging in a humid cellar for several decades.

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  • Courvoisier X.O

    Courvoisier XO
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    Putting ancient Grande Champagne, Petit Champagne and Borderies brandies into the limelight, Courvoisier’s X.O cognac offers us a honeyed, flowery bouquet underlined by violet undertones. Velvety, silky, it is no surprise that the one and only Napoléon Ier made it his favorite!

    Name of the Product : Courvoisier X.O

    Brand : Courvoisier

    Description : A blend of 40 mature Grande Champagnes eaux-de-vie, to which we add a touch of Petites Champagnes and some venerable Borderies.

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  • Delamain Vesper X.O

    Delamain Vesper XO
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    Assembled for the first time in the 50s, Delamain’s Vesper X.O cognac is a special vintage from the brand; all of the brandies used come from the Grande Champagne region, at an average age of 35 years!

    Name of the Product : Delamain Vesper X.O

    Brand : Delamain

    Description : “Pale” characterizes its light color resulting from its aging, “Dry” symbolizes its elegance and its length in the mouth. vineyard operated by Delamain in Bellevigne Marriage time: Lengthened & associated with a natural reduction in barrels in a semi-underground cellar: Harmony of the blend Limited final reduction: 42% to highlight the natural sweetness & aromatic profile of the P&D Aging: Old French oak barrels No added sugar or coloring: Purity & authenticity of the product, expression of the terroir.

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  • Hine X.O

    Hine Antique XO
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    An incredible expression of Hine’s cognac-making expertise.;with its complex vanilla, fruit and spice flavored nose, Hine’s X.O is produced from 40 different cognacs, all from the very heart of the cognac region, straight off the banks of the Charente.

    Name of the Product : Hine Antique X.O

    Brand : Hine

    Description : “He says no with his head, but he says yes with his heart, he says yes to what he likes, he says no to the teacher.” Mischievous harmony in the manner of Jacques Prévert, citrus fruits rejoice then let themselves be softened by Acacia.The notes of small sour cherries foretell a still burning youth in the grip of all adventures, reasoned by the tangy flavor of yellow-fleshed grapefruit.

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