Elmgreen & Dragset At Perrotin

Elmgreen & Dragset At Perrotin

From October 14th to November 10th, the duo Elmgreen & Dragset are exhibiting at Perrotin. Since their first collaboration in 1995, the duo, comprised of Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, have shaken the art world with their provocative and thoughtful installations!

Elmgreen & Dragset at Perrotin: An Event!

As the Perrotin gallery will host the new exhibition “David and Other Sculptures” from October 14th to November 18th, 2023, Elmgreen & Dragset once again demonstrate the relevance of their vision!

With a career spanning three decades, the duo has created some of the most striking works in recent years! One of the most recognizable works by Elmgreen & Dragset is undoubtedly “Prada Marfa” (2005), a full-scale replica of a Prada store nestled in the Texan desert. This permanent, isolated installation, never opened to the public, questions consumption, value, and luxury in a sterile and desert-like environment…

“Van Gogh’s Ear” (2016), a sculpture of an overturned swimming pool in the shape of a giant ear, captured the public’s imagination when installed at the Rockefeller Center in New York. This work plays with architectural and sculptural elements, exploring themes of orientation and perception.

“Short Cut” (2003), depicting a car and a caravan emerging from the ground, prompted reflection on movement and interruption, while offering commentary on travel and its aspirations. Similarly, “Døden / The Death” (2009) explored the theme of death in a theatrical setting where an eternal dive is frozen in time, highlighting acceptance and confrontation with the inevitable…

The duo also made art history with “Powerless Structures, Fig. 101” (2012), a bronze monument of a boy on a rocking horse, located on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. A work that defied traditional expectations of war monuments!

In the new exhibition at Perrotin, “David and Other Sculptures,” Elmgreen & Dragset continue to explore contemporary themes – especially the confluence between the real and the virtual!

Photo: Claire Dorn

In the Perrotin space on Rue de Turenne, the artworks prompt the mind to examine how technology shapes our engagement between the virtual, art, and reality…

It must be said that the works of Elmgreen & Dragset have always acted as reflective mirrors, a kind of introspection on our society. At Perrotin, this new body of work promises to push this reflection even further, inviting viewers to reassess their relationship with reality and how they navigate in a world increasingly dominated by the digital.

Strolling through the pieces “David and Other Sculptures”, visitors will once again be confronted with Elmgreen & Dragset’s insightful observations on the human condition… Thus invited to reflect on issues relevant to our times!