The Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme: A Bastion Of Sensuality

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Willed by Louis XIV, designed by Mansart and Boffrand, the place Vendôme would soon see an explosion in fashion and luxury houses setting up shop there. At 5 rue de la Paix, there once existed the couture house of Monsieur and Madame Paquin, founded by Jeanne Beckers and Isidore Jacobs who’s immense renown made the venture a success. It was in the midst of a congregation of five Haussman-style buildings that the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme was first conceived in 2002, to reunite with its cosmopolitan and buzz-worthy traditions.The first hotel to open in Paris for over fifty years, it was with little fanfare that it began boasting airy and inspired spaces, stripped down behind a classy façade. Sober, adorned with medallions, the palace’s façade houses a carriage entrance complete with two gracious caryatids sculpted into the stone. The exterior is typical of the opulent architecture of the Second Empire, within which a fluid, refined, and warm contemporary vibe is established by American architect Ed Tuttle. He was entrusted with the building’s layout and decoration and, from the legacy of Louis XVI-esque elegance straight through to art deco, composed an enchanting morsel of contemporary Parisian chic. A number of très French references and proportions use and reuse the traditional lines and materials that make up all the charm of Paris: Parisian stone, bronze, mahogany, and rich, carefully selected fabrics come together around a soothing and radiant color palette. The hotel of choice for guests from the four corners of the Earth, this establishment maintains the legacy of palaces from days gone by: the cult of incognito. An implicit and open concept rendezvous is sure to be had amidst white flowers and red flames.

With cosmopolitan events, glamorous soirées, and charity galas de rigueur for such a venue, the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme never fails to rise to the occasion. Through the conceptual highlighting of a unique collection of contemporary art, seven paintings by Ed Paschke along with works from Irmgard Sigg and Llyn Foukes to name but a few welcome the clientele. On the handles of the doors to the rooms and suites are signature bronze sculptures by Roseline Granet that can be appreciated with the sense of touch just as much as that of sight. The corridors that stretch out in endless paths of silk carpet runner vivify the senses with their sophistication. The sensuality of it is undeniable. Thought up as a private residence rather than a temporary place of passage, this palace avoids the classic and sometimes intimidating protocol inherent to 5-star establishments. In total, 153 rooms and 43 suites make for a voluptuous and unforgettable dream come true. The entire building is oriented towards pleasure and the awakening of the senses. A starred restaurant, Le Pur’ , was expertly put together by the extremely creative Chef Jean-François Rouquette. A second restaurant, Les Orchidées, a bar, a spa with sauna, a Turkish bath, a jacuzzi, and a gym… The final note to this singular sensory experience is a seductive olfaction from Blaise Mautin. Composed around Russian leather, powdered patchouli, and Florida oranges, the palace’s indescribable scent inebriates you from the second you penetrate this bastion of sensuality.

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