The New iPad

This latest “it” item isn’t a purse. It’s not a pair of shoes either. So what’s the one item that every fashionista is toting around this season? The new iPad!

Gone are the days when tech gadgets were just for the boys. Even the most girly of girls would agree that the iPad isn’t just a product, it’s a phenomenon. Much like Apple itself, the corporate mastermind behind it all! Indeed, our love affair with Apple has stretched back long before the first iPad ever saw the light of day; the Cupertino fairy godmother of tech giants has made many a wish come true by giving us the iPod, the Macbook, and the iPhone just to name a few. Let’s be honest: what modern girl could ever go without her Apple toys?

Love of all things Apple often ranges from simply attached to totally obsessed; a recent BBC documentary may have uncovered just why. According to scientific studies, Apple lovers emit the same brain waves when shown Apple products as religious zealots do when shown religious imagery. That means that Apple has gone from a simple technology company to a borderline religion, with Steve Jobs as its deity. But even after the passing of arguably the greatest creative genius in modern times, Apple has proved it has what it takes to keep us coming back for more. Cue the new iPad.

Just like any must-have fashion accessory, this update keeps all the lovable features of its previous incarnations all while adding new capabilities to keep things fun and fresh. A speedier internet connection for even the busiest of cosmopolites. An upgraded camera, so you can Instagram all your favorite looks on the go. Biggest and best of all, however, is the crisp new “Retina Display” that comes standard in every new iPad. The new iPad’s picture is so crystal clear, it might just have you confusing all your cyberdreams with reality! The possibilities are endless; now you can keep up with the Fashion Week runways like you’re right there in the front row, or check out every last detail of that to-die-for pair of pumps you’re buying online before charging it on your card.

With so many opportunities to communicate, create, and express ourselves, it’s no wonder we’re all crazy for the new iPad! At home or on the road, in a café or in the office, your iPad will always be there for you when you need it most. It’s only a matter of time before it’ll become your new best friend!

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