The Neo-Mix-And-Match By Carven Spring-Summer 2017

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Carven. The brand founded by Carmen de Tommaso in the wake of WWII initially proposed a revival of a light and joyful spirit, giving meaning back to the phrase joie de vivre. Ever since, its aesthetic has been characterized through diverse associations each more ravishing than the next. This means motifs but also colors; lots and lots of colors! The freshness of Carven’s style is today being taken up by the designer duo at the head of its creative direction, Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud. A ravishing wardrobe with pairings as surprising as they are on-point, this Spring/Summer 2017 is sure to delight Madame Carven.

With a skirt above the knee – A-line and with delicious candy cane motifs – this ode to femininity that’s taken down a notch is incarnated within a belt that’s solid and sublime all at once. The silhouette for Spring 2017 is more urban and preserves all the distinction of Carven. With a blouse that’s lacier than ever, the Carven woman is taking up the sci-fi wardrobe that the 90s underground scene first brought into the light. “We wanted to restore the brand’s heritage,” explained Alexias Martial, before allowing Caillaudaud to continue: “And to mix in 90s grunge!” But they make it their own here with the help of their own technical savoir-faire, incarnating the aura of the contemporary Parisian woman.

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