The Most Emblematic Fragrances of Spring 2022.

The Most Emblematic Fragrances of Spring 2022.

A selection of iconic fragrances to leave a wonderful scent while you pass by, from the last scents of spring 2022…

Iconic perfumes: when the Big Houses create sensual aromas.

Two scents are particularly striking in the prestigious fragrance range of theLouis Vuitton house. The first one being Heures d’Absence (Hours of Absence), is a real symbol. It is a modern reinterpretation of the very first perfume of the illustrious malletier that was created in the 1920s.

This interpretation was orchestrated by Jacques Cavalier’s olfaction. Heures d’Absence’s top notes include Sambac jasmine and mai rose. On the surface the scent goes from mimosa, pitosporum to raspberry and deeper, you can smell notes of musk, vanilla, and sandalwood…

The second one is way more sensual. Spell on You represents the love tension around a sensual mix, where an enveloping and euphoric warmth embrace the skin once in contact with it.

If the emotion conveyed by Dior’s couture had been distilled in a perfume, it would be the Gris Dior… Imagined in 2017 by Francois Demachy, it is a fragrance for men and women that captures the sophistication of the Dior house.

An eau de toilette developed around bergamot with compelling core notes such as rose, and jasmine and deep notes based around patchouli, cedar, amber, and sandalwood.

Named after regretted Monsieur Dior’s favorite color, Gris Dior is also presented in a limited edition this year 2022: Grey Dior New Look Limited Edition. It is a version where the houndstooth, a pattern dear to the designer-founder, is engraved on the bottle.

Celine’s perfumes expose two visions corresponding to Hedi Slimaine’s stylistic expression: Saint-Germain and La Peau Nue.

Saint-Germain-des-Près is the spirit of the Rive Gauche (left bank) sealed in a bottle from which emanates a glamorous, chic, and casual perfumed flavor. “The eternal youth of the rive gauche, its allure, the one of heroes of novels and movies that Hedi Slimane never tires of watching. Here, sitting at a café terrace in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, its favorite neighborhood in Paris since its 20th anniversary.”

La Peau Nue, on the other hand, holds an irreproachable scent. A fragrance with a cinematic elegance that the house Celine outlines as «an image that fades with time and then wins the memory, the floral intensity fades under the softness of the powdery notes and the depth of the vetiver. ».

The Jean Paul Gaultier house continues to beautify the flower and its diverse evocations around a new fragrance launched in 2022: La Belle Fleur Terrible. It is a sweet floral fragrance for women, composed by Quentin Bisch. It is a sweet floral fragrance for women, composed by Quentin Bisch. It is a powerful and delicious scent, sublimating the water lily in top note, under which hides, as a core note, the soothing iris! Its deep notes play on vanilla: so, an exacerbated and vivid sensuality.

In Replica we can find the Margelia vision captured in bottles reminding apothecary jars. These fragrances were created to be the mirror of familiar moments as many reminiscences. Also exists in the Matcha Edition version. Both sublime an experimental!

There are two new scents at Versace, both sensual and voluptuous! The first one is Dylan Turquoise by Versace. It is a Mediterranean composition where the magnificence of Versace is brilliantly mixed with Italian and exotic citrus fruits. This mix, where guava is combined with a vibrant woody cocktail, enables the feminine scent to find its meaningfulness around a white musk!

The second one is called EROS Versace Perfume. It represents the powerful sensuality of the Versace man, which stands out in this romantic and passionate fragrance.

Made from ingredients offering a fierce and fascinating harmony, EROS aims to leave an intense scent while passing by. The House mentions “bursts of fresh citrus fruit mixed with an aromatic core similar to a spellbinding oriental profile and mystical woody notes that bring richness and voluptuousness to the fragrance for a heightened sensuality.”

The Classic Fragrances of Perfumery…

Guerlain completes its iconic olfactory repertory with Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver Eau de Toilette… A fragrance like a floral sparkle where the neroli of Calabria plays with its fresh sensuality, highlighted with vetiver, and revived by the basil!

As Delphine Jelk, the perfumer behind Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver explains: «Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Vetiver is before all a coup de foudre (love at first sight) for the neroli of Calabria». Therefore, a radiant and divinely Italian wake.

Rochas Eau L’escapade is a light and playful vision of the absolute icon of perfumery. Using the words of the house of Rochas itself: the brilliance of this lively, fresh, and delicate scent is part of a revolution! Created in 1970 by Nicolas Mamounas, this fragrance holds a special place in the olfactory memory — the perfect balance between its aromatic notes distils all the refined luxury of the Rochas house.

50 years later, this Eau de Rochasstill reigns over the hairdressers of women standing for freedom and elegance. Moreover, it is in a sculptural bottle, a mineral design imagined by Serge Manseau in 1970, that this solar beauty fragrance always lies. Another

Another great classic is Air of Time, by Nina Ricci. A fragrance that embodies happiness and “joie de vivre”. Nina is the idea of an aerial and invigorating fragrance, of a scent that smells good optimism, and Parisian lightness. Bright and radiant, this scent also evokes Nina Ricci silhouettes that whisper an optimism dear to the house!

This icon returns in a new version in collaboration with Antoinette Poisson. Nina Ricci x Antoinette Poisson is therefore the legendary scented liquid poured into a bottle that uses the graphic and poetic signature of Antoinette Poisson, the editor of dominoted papers!

Continuing with Nina Ricci, Nina Extra Rouge is an olfactory ode to the pure and poetic charm of Nina Ricci women. Free, bold, and above all, chic!

A fragrance that has quietly illuminated the lives of numerous people around the world for nearly 20 years… Flower by Kenzo may not be the boldest or most controversial olfactory signature, but it’s certainly one of the prettiest. And, in its new version enriched with a more voluptuous bouquet, by Alberto Morillas, the aromas become even more delicious!

Since 1904, the Caron house produces the most beautiful perfumes of the French high perfumery, and therefore knows how to sublimate this art like no other houses; starting with the first perfume exclusively intended for men, designed by Ernest Daltroff, the founder of Caron, that is modestly baptized A Man of Caron.

In 2022, Caron offers a perfume that captures in bottle a radiant composition! This new fragrance named Rose Croquante, is the work of the house’s iconic figure, Jean Jacques. And in harmony with its fiery style, the scent translates a lively, vibrant fragrance where the elegant sensuality of the rose, marries the captivating joy of sambac jasmine. The essences of bergamot and tangerine then come to play their jovial notes on a daring cucumber-peach combination.

Rose Croquante is a fragrance of well-being, ideal for punctuating the bliss of Spring 2022.

This house is known for the elegance with which she dresses dancers from all over the world, starting with Brigitte Bardot to whom she dedicates a ballerina that became iconic… Repetto offers here a fragrance with an assertive oneness. Graceful, the woody fragrance opens on gourmet points giving the plum a delicious twist by combining it with the delicacy of cherry blossoms. A floral fragrance, offering a sensual and feminine juice!

Confidential or Popular Perfumes…

Serge Lutens is a perfume expert. So, designed by Serge Lutens himself, the bottle of his new Matin Lutens fragrance contains an invigorating, dreamlike and graceful liquid. Serge Lutens is a perfume expert. So, designed by Serge Lutens himself, the bottle of his new Matin Lutens fragrance contains an invigorating, dreamlike and graceful liquid. The Matin Lutens perfume, thus contains around 3 “waters”, addressing 3 as enigmatic as inspiring freshness: aromatic, saline, and pure… “A line evoking with its clean aesthetics and purity, all the simplicity of a ritual focused on morning essentials” as the house notes…

And for the first time, the grandiloquent scents imagined by Serge Lutens under the name of “Matin Lutens” are distilled in a range of body treatments: foaming gels for the hands and body.

Mémoire de Roses by Christophe Raynaud is a tribute to the Hesperid: a joyful and cheerful rose, a true compendium of nature’s passion… Combined with tangerine, bergamot, and a veil of cotton musk, the Memory of Roses’ scent from Atelier Parfumeur paves the way of springtime “joie de vivre”.

Another addition to the Atelier Cologne collection: the launching of Bohemian Orange Blossom — a new unisex fragrance that rises the sophistication of orange blossom to the skies. «This perfume is an ode to freedom and a tribute to the bohemian way of life» says the Atelier. It is a perfect fragrance for spring 2022.

Looking for a more charismatic scent? Montblanc Legend Red reveals the juicy freshness of Orange Sanguine and Grapefruit zest, intensified by aromatic notes of clary sage… An association magnified by the complexion of mahogany wood and a touch of Tonka bean, for a certified sensuality!

Finally, this selection of emblematic fragrances for spring 2022 closes with the Coach Wild Rose fragrance. A fragrance that evokes the sweet days of the season, in a scent inspired by the beauty of a wildflower landscape! A fruity smell with heightened femininity, where the delicacy of a lush field brings together delicate roses, sambac jasmine, and warm and woody marriages of crystal mousse and intense ambroxan…