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15 years; it’s been over 15 years that Nicolas Ghesquière has been dissecting the heritage of the brands confided to him in order to extract then introduce to the world a new conception of clothing. For Vuitton, Ghesquière has been pulling out all the stops for the past three years. Playfully combining his sci-fi aesthetics with the label’s heritage, he’s now playing with and spotlighting the manufacturer’s history for Spring/Summer 2017: travel, motifs, and 80s associations meet to yield a line as pop as it is divine.

By using the checked print, very essence of Louis Vuitton’s signature, the artist has transcribed the very aura of the Parisian woman onto a long dress. With his ingenious cuts, the brand’s creative director innovates and unveils, like the snipping of a scissors, the most erotic portion of the body: the edge of the hips. The squares play with tones and establish themselves as viable ornaments on chiffon. All in all, this fluid dress seems to introduce a neo-Amazon that’s more knight in flowing armor than warrior, sure of being a pioneer in everything she does. Just like Louis Vuitton.

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