The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League

The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League

The most prestigious of football competitions announces its return – and for the occasion, Hublot has crafted a revolutionary watch. The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League. A technological gem which, among other things, allows the referees to know if the ball has entirely crossed the line, or not.

Since 2006, when Hublot entered national, European and international competitions, the watchmaking house has been a past master in the timing of the most difficult encounters. But for the 2020/21 season, Hublot is going even further. The house presents this October 1 a watch which aims to solve the problems inherent in the prestige of such a competition – the Big Bang E UEFA Champions League.

The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League, Shows Champions

For the 2020/21 season, Hublot will be official timekeeper of the Premier League for the first time. The opportunity to get to the heart of the concerns of the UEFA Champions League. Among them, the loss of playing time, inevitably linked to the pressure of the goal – to this, many precious minutes are indeed lost in knowing whether or not the ball crossed the goal line.

Because Hublot will be equipping the UEFA Champions League referees with a special, non-marketed edition of the Big Bang E UEFA Champions League, this problem should no longer arise. Indeed, the watch has a new technology – the goal-line technology function, which indicates whether the ball has completely crossed the goal line, or not! There is no doubt since the Big Bang E UEFA Champions League is a compendium of Hublot know-how!

Introduced earlier this year, the Big Bang E UEFA Champions League reveals all its technology – technology also intended for football fans.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been an extremely complicated year for everyone and highly disrupted. Yet the launch of the UEFA Champions League offers football fans around the world good reason to be excited. Hublot is extremely proud to collaborate with UEFA and to take part in this fabulous competition. We have gone to great lengths to create these watches, especially for fans. We know they will make the UEFA Champions League experience even more unforgettable, ”said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

In its marketed version, however limited to 500 copies, the Big Bang E UEFA Champions comes in a light ceramic case and a rubber strap. Both colored in the iconic UEFA Champions League blue.

But it is within this new object of desire that all the innovative technology of the Big Bang E UEFA Champions is frozen. Because the dial remains blank of any screen. It will be up to the future owner of the watch to download, at will, the one that delights him from the digital and analog options on the Hublot Store. Options obviously designed to match the colors of the participating teams!

Better still, because it works under Wear OS by GoogleTM and includes the new Hublot ‘Loves Football UEFA Champions League’ app, this new Big Bang lets the user know the kick-off time (15 minutes before the start of the match), goals, penalties, substitutions, yellow and red cards and extra time!

Much more than a watch, the Big Bang E UEFA Champions allows football fans to experience their passion in real time – especially since if two matches are taking place at the same time, users will be able to switch from one to the another with a simple tap on the screen …

So a revolutionary application of Hublot know-how… And, a delightful thing for owners of a Hublot Big Bang E – the application will also be available for this model!

 Much more than an official timekeeper story, Hublot has just pushed the boundaries of the exercise. Little wonder when we know the history of the icon that is the Big Bang watch, and we see the footbalistic genius of its ambassador, Kylian Mbappé.